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This year I’ve set out resolutions and goals that I wanted to achieve, and for or all of you following my journey on social media you may have take notice, like jumping from a coconut tree to walking a runway in Milan. But one of the biggest accomplishments, also my biggest challenge, is my body. Unfortunately I don’t have any before photos to show you, but I can assure I’ve come a long way. Now. I’m no Mr. Universe, but I’m at a point where I feel great about my body and really happy with the progress I’ve made. Currently my workout regime entails hitting the gym every single day, with a focus of cardio twice a week. Once you start training, and see results, you’ll always return back.  One of my partners that has and continues to help me with my journey is Bjorn Borg.

You train hard to look your best, so, why not wear the best in sportswear while breaking a sweat? Once you make the switch from your cotton t-shirts to your first dry-fit shirt there’s no turning back—it’s just so adequate and makes it easier. Plus, you actually train better… and there’s something about the sportswear that makes me feel sexy. Now I wear head-to-toe Bjorn Borg, you may have seen it once or twice or even twelve, even my underwear is performance. As mentioned before I am dedicated in doing cardio almost every day, so therefore I sweat a whole lot. The BB fabric is suitable for any type of sweat storm you might have.

Here are my favorite pieces from Bjorn Borg’s new collection, click on any image and you’ll be redirected to Bjorn Borg’s page so you can learn more about the pieces, see the details, purchase it, and then start training to look your best.

Discount code ‘bendek15″ for 15% off.

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