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So… I turned 21 last weekend, and I can’t  be more happy about it. I like birthdays, like New Years, I feel like they give you a new opportunity to start fresh with new goals and taking new changes. You feel more hopeful, I remember my dad always being more optimistic and energetic right after his birthday.  The best part of birthdays, minus feeling special and doing what I please, cake and treats…..THE GIFTS. This past weekend I wandered the streets of  New York and went to a few cool places downtown to celebrate. Here is my (Dolce) Birthday Suit and all the Dolce & Gabbana pieces I wore this weekend. Let me know your favorite pieces in a comment below. Also, you are still on time to wish me a  happy belated birthday :)!


Dolce&Gabbana’s travels around the world has landed in St.Barth. I was lucky to be part of this new adventure in the Caribbean where I had the opportunity to visit the new store in Gustavia and join the celebration around the island of St. Barthelemy. Dolce&Gabbana designed an exclusive colorful special collection to commemorate this ocassion, take a look at the pictures below. #DGLovesStBarth Photos by the Morelli Brothers. Styling by Anna Dello Russo


VILLINO FLORIO “Beneath the shadow of Villino Florio sprout colors in opaque, sophisticated shades. These are the precious hues od the noble gardens of Palermo, which, combined with the sinuous grace of Liberty style create enchanting blossoms and bring exclusive garments to life. The sparkling avant-garde atmosphere of the Sicilian Belle Epoque thus lives on in the refined elegance of the floral prints, whose soft arboreal lines evoke the splendor and charm of the Art Nouveau period and the great industrialist families of Palermo.” It was love at first sight when I saw this botanical print, it is very masculine, I saw these two pieces and could not help myself and I had to try them on. I think you saw my snaps and insta-stories about my trip to the store located at the Renaissance mall in the beautiful Aruba. I went for a beach stroll and did some amazing pictures. I accessorized the look with a few gold rose bracelets and black Dolce Gabbana sunnies. Jacket, shorts and sunnies by Dolce Gabbana, bracelets by …

Sicilian Western in Aruba | Dolce Gabanna

Shirt, belt and jeans by Dolce Gabbana, Sunglasses by Orlebar Brown, shoes by Stefano Borella. Location: Tierra Del Sol, Aruba. Pictures by Call Me Petit. _________________________________________________________________ I was lucky to get my hands in one of the first pieces from the Dolce Gabbana fall/winter 2016/2017 collection that arrived to Aruba, this beautiful black and white pistol pattern shirt inspired by the Sicilian flair and Wild West imagery is a great addition to any wardrobe, it’s a timeless piece that you can dress up or down with jeans and jackets. I paired it with a pair of black jeans and green Stefano Borella shoes. The Dolce Gabbana blue belt was the last piece I added and I think it gives a more fun look to the outfit, it breaks it a little bit. The sunglasses are a collab between Linda Farrow and Orlebar Brown, i got them a few weeks ago before my trip to Bermuda and they’ve slowly become my favorite pair this summer. The Dolce Gabbana pieces featured on this post are available at the Renaissance Mall in …


T-shirt Majolica print by DolceGabbana, chinos by DolceGabbana, Sunglasses by DolceGabbana, watcht by Brathwait and espadrilles by Bachellor Shoes. Iphone case by Lecimes. __________________________________________________________ You know me, give me a colorful piece and I’m sold. I just love pieces that stand out, I bring you this friday the Majolica print T by DolceGabbana, it’s such a gorgeous, colorful and piece, full of energy like summertime. I paired with pink chinos and espadrilles. I am wearing these amazing sunglasses with electric blue mirror glasses, I think blue sunglasses are the way to go this summer. The watch is a minimalistic piece, to balance the whole outfit, it is a Brathwait silver watch with dome sapphire glass, which is the thing i love the most on this beautiful piece. You can get it with a disccount using the code ‘bendek15″, just click here. All the DolceGabbana pieces are available at the store located at the Renaissance Mall and online. Leave a comment if you like the pieces or if you have a question. I always love reading comments. …


Hoodie, shorts, shoes and swim briefs by DolceGabbana _________________________________________________________________ The Chinese Palace in Palermo, Sicily, is one of the largest and most iconic Chinese-style residences built during the Baroque and Rococo periods. This was the inspiration for the newest Spring Summer collection available now on stores. I was lucky to get my hands on this gorgeous hoodie and matching shoes. Mixing patterns is an art, this runway look is a showstopper. The swim briefs, well… you know me, I’m always ready to jump in the water. You can see more of this collection clicking here. Some of these pieces, like the hoodie I’m wearing are available at the DolceGabbana boutique located at the Renaissance Mall. Pictures by the talented Enrique Balestrini. Location: The Beautiful Renaissance Marina tower. Add me on snapchat: Christianbendek.      


Sweater, shorts, belt, speedos and sunglasses by Dolce&Gabbana, Espadrilles by Bachelor Shoes. Location: Renaissance Island, Photographer: Ayrton Tromp. ______________________________________________________ Like I captioned my first post of this look on my Instagram: My version of a Caribbean Sailor: Just add a tropical floral print somewhere… in this case I did the bermuda shorts. A stripped sweater or shirt is such a classic piece, it has this navy feel or this french air d’amour depending on the pieces you used to pair it. In this case I did a floral, black and white bermuda short, it still has this navy/ sailor look but a little more glamorous? modern? The shinny black belt really gives the look a more chic attitude. The rest of the pieces/accessories: Confortable white espadrilles with anchor print, a navy watch, gold sunglasses… speedos! I always wear speedos, you never know when you need to jump in a pool or hit the beach unexpectedly after a few too many cocktails? Visit the Dolce&Gabbana Boutique in Aruba, or their online store to buy any of these pieces.    

Flamingo Camo | Dolce&Gabbana

Suit by Dolce&Gabbana Summer 2016, Sunglasses Dolce&Gabbana Gold, bracelets by Irdia. Photos by Ayrton Tromp ______________________________________________________ Fine tailoring is the soul of Dolce&Gabbana’s clothing for me, whenever I wear a Dolce suit it fits like a glove, the details, the handmade stitching of their garments is always superb. I saw this pink suit and I immediately thought it would be the perfect piece for summer, to visit my kids at the Renaissance Island, to fall in love this valentine’s day. I think is a timeless piece that you might not wear regularly but you can wear it all your life, today and in 10 years. I choose a skinny black tie, I think it fits perfectly and is a nice contrast with the softness of the pink color. I put on some bracelets to be a little playful. Now the shades are part of their Gold collection, it is a special edition. They´re 18ct gold plated metal pilot sunglasses, the temples, which are made of basalt – exclusive material- with a shiny finish, are the result of …

FLOWERS FOR NYC | Dolce& Gabbana

T-Shirt by Dolce&Gabbana, Jeans by Dolce&Gabbana, shoes by Bachelor Shoes, Sunglasses by Komono, Iphone Case by Dolce&Gabbana ______________________________________________________ You know, after seeing that blizzard freezing my friends in NYC I thought about doing a floral post, not to tease them but to remind them spring and summer are around the corner. This floral T from Dolce is just so alive and so happy, I paired it with jeans and espadrilles. When you live on a small island in the caribbean… a casual look is always the best way to go. All this items can be purchased online but if you are in Aruba you can just go to the Renaissance Mall on visit the Dolce&Gabbana store. Remember to like my facebook page by clicking here and if you are not following me on snapchat already… you should, here’s my username; Christianbendek, very easy 😛      

Luck for 2016?

Are you ready to place your bets? 2016 is just around the corner… do you believe in luck? destiny? I believe in working hard, I know; sounds cheesy. But yeah… I’ve always have this thing for wearing new clothes on new years, makes me feel ready to start the new year… a new year is an offering to give another try, why not wear something new and look your best? no matter what you are wearing… I also grew up with this silly superstition: You have to wear yellow underwear for good luck… i know, very silly. This uncertainty, excitement, gambling on a new year inspired this look and this post. I’m wearing a three-piece suit with double-breasted jacket with the gold fit tuxedo shirt with stiff French collar and bow tie by Dolce Gabbana. Pictures by Johnathan Baena at the Crystal Casino in the beautiful caribbean island of Aruba.


NYLON BOMBER HORN PATCH AND COTTON MICRODESIGN PANTS WITH PANEL BY DOLCE&GABBANA _____________________________________________________ How can you not fall in love with this bomber when it has love and amore written in big red letters all over? and the horn print, an italian lucky charm… this love was meant to be. This zipped jacket with bomber collar has zipped pockets, knit cuffs and hem fabric lettering to front and back Inner lining and padding made of quilted nylon. Now, the pants are flat front ankle-length with zippered pockets and zip-fastened jetted pockets at back made of microdesign cotton. Where are you going this winter? Leave a comment if you’re coming to Aruba 😀


Sunglasses, belt, shirt, trousers by Dolce Gabbana, shoes by Zara men. _____________________________________________________ This Dolce&Gabbana look is something very different from what I use to wear, I mean, I like prints, specially in my trousers but I never dared to use both a printed bottom and a top. I have to come clean and say this look came straight out of the runway, the minute I saw this pants in the store it was love, it was love at first sight. I know it is a lot of florals but the black and white kind of tones down the look a bit, I mean, it could be really over the top but is not. The pants for sure I can wear also with just a black simple v neck or a gray shirt. The sunglasses was the only thing that wasn’t black or white and it has an explanation, a very subjective one: i just love brown sunglasses. These square shaped sunglasses in havana acetate with transparent petroleum on the inside, both made in matte finish …


   Cactus t-shirt by Dolce&Gabbana, Jeans by United Colors of Benetton, sunglasses by Le Specs, watch by Nixon, bracelets by Caputo&Co and Lokai. Ostrich leather iphone case by Ullu. _________________________________________________________________ So… I wore this outfit last friday, I went to this new lounge on the island. I have to say that the pink skinny jeans were equally eye catchy than the shirt. I mean, it was a friday night clubbing and sometimes I like to dress on the colorful side because is more fun, it is inviting, people is less shy around you or at least that’s what I believe. I was wearing white sneakers by Ralph Lauren, I think you know that pair from previous posts. Now this saturday there’s a cool party at Villa Royale… No idea what to wear, it is a pool party and even thou I might have 10000 swim shorts I have no idea what to wear. Maybe this little dilema would be my next post on the blog. If you are in aruba and you wanna go just ask …

The Black Crown | Dolce&Gabbana

  T-shirt from the new Dolce&Gabbana’s Crowns and Bees collection, Dark Denim Jeans by Dolce&Gabbana, Iphone Case Dolce&Gabbana new capsule collection inspired in Aruba, Sunglasses by Dolce&Gabbana and  Marlin espadrilles by Bachelor Shoes. _________________________________________________________________ How could I not be a little over obsessed with the new Fall/Winter Collection from Dolce&Gabbana? There are Crowns everywhere! But this time I choose this beautiful dark blue t-shirt with a black velvety pattern where you can see the Crown. I was obsessed the minute I saw it. I always like those pieces that make you take a second look, you know? Interesting pieces. I paired the T with darn denim Jeans and to give it some color I added my new red Espadrilles, the marlin adds it a little nautical theme that fits summer and Aruba on point. The sunglasases… are you really surprised I picked tortoise? No, you are not haha. The case I blogged about a few days ago is finally in my hands, it is colorful and it;’s about Aruba, what’s not to like? the flamingos from the Renaissance Island …


Flock Crown and Bee Crew t-shirt by Dolce Gabbana, Ripped Jeans by Dolce&Gabbana, Jean Jacket by Dolce&Gabbana, watch by Tayroc Watches, sunglasses by Dolce&Gabbana, Clutch by Made In Mayhem, shoes by Ralph Lauren. _________________________________________________________________ Can you blame me for being a little obsessed with the new F/W collection by Dolce&Gabbana? I mean, as self-proclaimed Caribbean King, there’s nothing I like more than a crown *laughs*. I went to Dolce at the Renaissance Mall in Aruba, and there was this t-shirt calling my name the minute I entered the store, there’s something about green and gold that I love, it feels elegant, I know this is a t-shirt but this color combination is such a great one. Ripped jeans and jean jacket… I missed wearing a jean jacket, I remember when I was in college I used to wear an old one from my cousin, I was obsessed with it, it was the same one Ronan Keating was wearing in the cover of “Ronan”. If you have any comments feel free to write them down and …


Dolce&Gabbana presents a capsule collection inspired by the colorful and charming Aruba, ignited by the island’s colors of summer and warm temperatures that invite us to dress more relaxed without losing elegance. This limited collection of accessories in rich floral prints highlights atmospheres of the most glamorous coastal cities around the world: Miami to Cannes… Saint Tropez and the splendid beaches of Cancun in the Mexican Caribbean… the energizing Spanish coast–Puerto Banús… the romanticism of Capri and Porto Cervo. With the characteristic DNA of Dolce&Gabbana accessories–ranging from mini bags, phone cases, beach bags and maxi silk scarves–these pieces are part of making summer 2015 a summer to remember. I love how you can see and read all the locations on the map, makes me smile seeing some of my favorite places in Aruba being highlighted, seeing the flamingos that I always portray on my pictures. I think it was a grand gesture of Dolce&Gabbana to dedicate this capsule collection to Aruba, it warms your heart… specially if you are in love with this island like I …


Crown print quilted bomber jacket by Dolce&Gabbana, Ripped Gold 14 fit denim with crown and bee embroidery jeans by @ Dolce&Gabbana, Hand Bag by @dolce&Gabanna, Neo Noir Sunglasses by Le Specs, Watch by Nixon. __________________________________________________________________ What a pleasant surprise to see crowns and also bees in the newest collection of Dolce&Gabbana, crowns fit for a king of course *laughs*. “Crowns have long been a heraldic symbol of royalty, courage and power and along with the industrious, loyal and kind icon of the bee, these two emblems have been unified and adopted as a leitmotif of the Dolce&Gabbana in the Fall Winter 2015-16 menswear collection. In their familiar concept of high/low, Dolce&Gabbana transpose these age-old symbols of human virtue onto shirts, embroidered tailoring and accessories. Universally recognized symbols in their own right become fashionable icons for the season, and beyond.” If you are in Aruba make sure you visit the Dolce&Gabbana store located at the Renaissance Mall, maybe we can go shopping together next time. You can follow me on Instagram clicking here! Photography @enriquebalestrini