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Shirt, chinos, and belt by Ralph Lauren, watch by Daniel Wellington, sunglasses by Prada. _________________________________________________________________ Yes, I got a little inspired by Scream Queens on this one… You have to like attention to wear a vibrant color like yellow. This shirt was hanging in the store and I was immediately drawn to it . Yellow is such a fun, sunny and positive color, it is my favorite color in general, i feel this color needs to be everywhere. This casual shirt from the new Ralph Lauren spring collection is definitely one of my favorite pieces, I pair it with navy chinos and a tan leather belt that looks fantastic with this two pieces, I am very happy with this outfit. Where would I take this look? Brunch, country club, breakfast or lunch with the family… it’s a classic, preppy look… Ivy League-ish if you will. The basic formula always work: colorful bright top and a solid neutral on the bottom or you can do the opposite. I have this flower pants I got last spring, they’re sitting on …


Leather Jacket, Polo Shirt, Jeans, shoes, belt by Ralph Lauren, watch by Daniel Wellington, sunglasses by Komono. _________________________________________________________________ For this outfit I picked the brightest polo I found inside the store and then designed the whole outfit around it; I love the orange, I knew I was going to one of the Golf Courses so I kept thinking about the contrast with the green grass will look amazing and it did. I paired this with gray jeans, to “tone” down the orange a bit, the leather jacket was the last addition but it gives a little edge to the outfit, from preppy brunch to a rebel preppy going to brunch, you know what I mean? Leather jackets always give you attitude and they’re classic pieces. By chance the shoes matched the jacket and it looks great, I usually don’t match pieces but this felt right. All these pieces are available at the store located at Renaissance Mall or online. Isaiah Stomp did a wonderful job taking all this pictures, thank you. Add me on snapchat, username: christianbendek   …


Going to the gym in style, and not only style but using appropriate clothes that will help you perform better, train better and look good. I have two new complete outfits from Ralph Lauren Polo sport, lucky I got them in a flash sale they still have going on at the Renaissance mall here in Aruba. All pieces can mix and match with each other, they transition perfectly from gym to have breakfast or to do any activity outdoor. This peached jersey pullover on the picture above is enhanced with ThermoVent technology for high-speed evaporation and has added stretch for superior movement. This micro dot jersey t-shirt has been engineered with our cutting-edge ThermoVent technology, this lightweight T-shirt will keep you cool and dry throughout your workout. Flat seams minimize friction, providing unparalleled comfort. The 8½”-inseam mesh short is lightweight and breathable for exceptional comfort.   All these pieces are available with a discount not only online but in the Ralph Lauren Store located at the Renaissance Mall in Aruba.


   Hawaiian Indigo Ralph Lauren Polo shirt, Hawaiian Indigo Ralph Lauren shorts, Nixon Watch, Tod’s leather bracelet, Ralph Lauren white sneakers, Alfred Kerbs sunglasses. _________________________________________________________________ It’s been kind of crazy week and sometimes you need to dress accordingly, not that this is a crazy outfit but for me trying this matchy-matchy was kind of an unusual idea that actually paid off. I’ve seen this trend in guys going on for quite a while now but it wasn’t until I visited the ralph Lauren store and saw this Hawaiian print; the shirt and the shorts right next to each other, that I decided that I will experiment and I’m pleased with the outcome. What do you think? Leave a comment weather you like it or not, I’m always open to honest opinions… I love it. I think is now, fresh and fun. You can get this outfit visiting the Ralph Lauren store at the Renaissance Mall here in Aruba or just click om the links and buy online wherever you are! Follow me on instagram and tag me …


Wearing: Black Watch Custom-fit Ralpha Lauren Polo, Classic-fit Ralph Lauren Suffield short, Nixon watch and Komono sunglasses. __________________________________________________________ Soo… Love Festival is this weekend and the dress code is all white. I went of course to Ralph Lauren to get something to wear. I’m in white but i decided to add something-something to my outfit so I went for aPolo with a little color, you know? I will be there Saturday around 6pm, so if you spot me come say hi and let’s take a selfie, I will be hanging out at the EDM stage. Happy love fest weekend everyone! Thank you to one of my friends that is playing there for hooking me up with a pair of tickets!

Pink Ombré | Ralph Lauren

So… Here’s this beautiful pink ombré shirt paired with a royal blue blazer and jeans. I fell in love with the shirt the minute I saw it at Ralph Lauren and then I decided to create an outfit around it. My head works like this: That beautiful pink shirt I had to tone it down with a masculine blue jacket, I know, i know..colors have no gender, but I love the contrast and then to make it more casual I chose a pair of Ralph Lauren jeans from their new collection. All pieces are from their new summer collection, included the gorgeous leather Duffel bag,  an ideal companion for the frequent traveler. You can fit almost anything in there and it smells so goooood.   The haze sunglasses, called Raze in Electric Blue are a statement piece, the blue on the top of the lens gives them this unique look setting them apart from regular aviators. The watermelon Lecimes case, as I’m sure you know it by now is my favorite case this season.

We never go out of style | Ralph Lauren

Classic pieces never go out of style, that’s why this blog posts is featuring only Ralph Lauren items that you can buy and wear forever or as long as they fit you. *laughs* The Green Regent Shirt  has been crafted from cotton poplin, it’s a slim-fitting, striped dress shirt featuring a medium-spread Regent collar and Ralph Lauren’s signature embroidered pony. The herringbone blazer is rendered in a lightweight blend of linen and silk, with leather accents and elbow patches for a rustic inspiration.  They look great together, the earth colors complement each other very well, they look fresh, young and casual together.  The white chino pants are rafted from smooth cotton, this essential pant is treated with pigment dyes to achieve a vintage look and features a straight-leg silhouette. For the belt I picked a classic navy themed belt with a vibrant pattern of nautical flags. The outfit is complete now, I picked a light color bottom to give it a resort/cruise look appropriate for the caribbean. I hope you liked this outfit I picked from the new Ralph Lauren collection available in the store located at the Renaissance Mall …