Year: 2017


I would say as time passes I’ve become a Smart Shopper. Whenever I find myself buying a new piece, particularly a statement item, I ask myself the following question: How many times are you going to wear this garment, Christian? There are two different statement pieces. The one kind that you can wear once and is so memorable that you can’t wear again (i.e. shirts or pants), and the other statement piece that you can pair differently and wear over and over again without having you peers noticing (i.e. Jackets, shoes and bags). So, therefore, when I picked this INC jacket I thought to myself I can wear this beauty on multiple occasions and get away with it. This edgy jacket can be dressed up or toned down depending on what you pair it with and will give you a modern feel without fail.  The black and white contrast, stripes and color-blocking make it playful and current. So I decided to prove the versatility of this piece by pairing it with three different looks: Sporty, Laid-back cool …


The Sunday boots, that’s how Ankari Floruss calls them, are the latest addition to my fall wardrobe.  I decided to rename them The Everyday Boots for the season since you can wear them over and over again. They’re a classic pair of boots, beautifully crafted in Spain Andre made out of brown leather. The boots can be paired with virtually any outfit this upcoming holiday season, and  most important they’re comfortable AF, like a sneaker. See How I styled them this fall. You should definitely check them out HERE or in any of the pictures below.  


When you feel that the top notes in this perfume are Gin & Tonic you immediately think this is a night out fragrance, a party perfume, meant for vibrant guys,  that are outgoing and spontaneous, a go-getter. For me, that I am no longer a kid but still young I find it revitalizing and energetic. The melon note on First Instinct makes it fun, flirty yet masculine, tropical without making you think of one of Carmen Miranda’s hats. This is a perfume I would wear every day to the gym, to the office, on date or night out. Price range is pretty affordable and would make a great gift for you or for a friend, boyfriend, brother, for any man in your life that needs a boost in confidence with a perfume. Make sure you try it when you see it, this is my second bottle and I picked up both at Penha.            


The Ritz-Carlton Aruba allowed me to call it home for another weekend, and what a weekend it was! Aruba is such a great spot in the Caribbean for many reasons: turquoise waters, white sandy beaches, beautiful people and exquisite food. Literally, if you look up the word paradise in a dictionary a photo of Aruba will pop up. One of the most important reasons and perhaps one that is not known to many is the fact that this little gem in the Caribbean can guarantee good weather 99% of the year. Is it a safe bet to visit Aruba? Aruba is south of the hurricane belt, which means hurricanes are not common in this area. In fact, the hurricane frequency in Aruba is roughly every 28.8 years. The last one was a Level 2 hurricane causing minor damage and took place back in 2007, 10 years ago. So, to answer my previous question; yes, Aruba is a safe bet. I encourage you to come visit and choose The Ritz-Carlton Aruba as your home away from …


LEGEND is the latest fragrance from Montblanc and the latest addition to my personal collection. [true life: I’m addicted to colognes]. What I was looking for when I took LEGEND with me was a perfume to wear for a night out of town, a perfume that will transition from day to night easily. Most guys tend to wear just one cologne, I, on the other hand, am not like most guys. I like to wear different perfumes for different events depending on situations or time of the day. Every guy should own at least two, one for the day and the other for the evening. Legend for me is the perfect cologne for any evening event, from a soirée to cocktails at the beach bar. LEGEND has a strong presence without being overpowering, it has a softness to it that gives it the important versatility characteristic. LEGEND is very masculine, fresh, lively, sensual, modern for a confident man. Quite irresistible when combining with your own natural scent. I picked up my LEGEND NIGHT by Montblanc …

Bye Bye Raccoon Eyes

You wake up, wash your face and stare at that mirror at those deep dark circles around your eyes. They bring you down and ruin your day before it even started. You feel like you’ve tried it all and are ready to give up. Well, don’t! There’s a solution for it! Some of us suffer from this condition due to genetics, while others get these dark circles after a long day of work, having a bad night of sleep, or just simply because you’re partying too hard at Gusto (AKA ME!) These dark circles or how I prefer to call it the raccoon eyes is a common condition that doesn’t discriminate gender, age or social status. Meaning, anyone can get them. The solution to avoid these dark circles is the Kiehl’s Age Defender Eye Repair. This cream will work wonders. It is a lifting, anti-wrinkle, dark circle reducing eye cream for men. How does it work? You apply it every day, and that is the only way it will work! This is not considered makeup to …


New York, Puerto Rico, Cancun, Aruba, Bermuda… These are just a few of my favorite places I visited this summer. For my season’s adventure, I brought a few of my favorite Paul Hewitt Accessories, like Black sea watch from the Grand Atlantic line, and the Ancuff bracelet. Paul Hewitt timepieces are classic and minimal, and can go with pretty much any outfit. I was introduced to the brand a couple of years ago and became a fan instantly. My first piece from Paul Hewitt was the anchor bracelet, and I still wear it till today (and the compliments keep on coming too). Here is a recap of my favorite images ft. the Paul Hewitt accessories. To shop these accessories, click on the image and you will be redirected to learn more and shop! GET ANCHORED!