Month: January 2020

LG TV, Play my favorite movie.

It’s no secret that I love watching TV, it’s literally my favorite thing to do at home–especially during the holidays. I like to spend as much time as I can at home since I travel so much throughout the year. I love enjoying my house and just kick back and relax with a classic movie or a new show to binge. During this time of the year, there’s nothing like watching all the holiday classics that I grew up loving. Those feel-good movies, the ones I used to watch with my family at home when I was little… it’s just a comfortable feeling to do that and that’s the reason I have a big couch in my living room and an even bigger TV to feel at home. That’s my holiday tradition, after eating a homecooked meal. My top 5 favorite movies to watch during the holidays are: 1-A Charlie Brown Christmas2- The Family Stone3- The Holiday4- Home Alone5-Elf I try to update my TV every now and then, especially since technology is advancing so …

Is it cowboy-style back in vogue?

I’ve been seeing brands I love joining the western-style bandwagon– for example, Versace and I can’t help but wonder: Do I wanna be a cowboy? I remember years ago doing the double-denim look, I liked it and I rocked it a couple of times while traveling. Back then I used to live in the Caribbean and I was wearing speedos every day. I can’t be a cowboy, I love my hair too much to cover it with a hat but here’s my approach to an urban cowboy in Soho, New York. Breaking down the outfit: The jacket is Coach The jean shirt is Guess The belt is ASOS The jeans are Versace The boots are Ankari-Floruss the rings and necklace are Versace

The St. Regis Snow Polo in Aspen

Even when the temperatures drop below zero you still wanna look cute or at least try. This winter I was invited by The St. Regis to attend the glamorous and exciting World Snow Polo Championship celebrated in Aspen, Colorado. It’s the only Snow Polo event that takes place in the United States so it’s kind of a big deal. I was only in Aspen for 3 nights and I brought 3 pieces of luggage– since it is all about winter jackets, winter boots, chunky knits… and fur.  I can’t picture myself in the city walking around like Kramer with a big fluffy, but chic, coat… I brought my A-game to Aspen… Credits include, but aren’t limited to Ferragamo to Armani, Zegna and Coach, Canada goose and Etro… I prefer to wear outfits and outwear that are more of a conversation starter. Here they are– I hope they inspire your winter looks. Some of them are very casual like the first one, and the others are coming straight from the runway, and although they are on …