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Orlebar Brown is celebrating their 10 year anniversary this year. I have been a loyal fan since the very beginning, If you have been following me since day one, then you have seen me sporting the brand on many of my Instagram posts. I must say I have more Orlebar Brown shorts in my closet than any other brand. My first pair ever is a Gray Malin collaboration. This pair alone has traveled with me all around the Caribbean. I would say that I really consider it to be a personal treasure and a family heirloom, my first born son will inherit these swim trunks.

I was fortunate enough to be invited by Orlebar Brown for their celebration in Bermuda. The invitation came from the man himself, Adam Brown. After so many years admiring his work. It was truly such a thrill to meet the man person. He is a true innovator when it comes to designing swimwear for men.

While in Bermuda we stayed at the Hamilton Princess, which is one of the best hotels on the Island. You should definitely check it out, this place is covered with art, the pieces around the property are brilliant. Anywhere your eye wanders you will find a work of art to admire. We had a chance also to get to explore the island riding jet skis and sailing on the Chelonia, a beautiful sailboat. I have never seen water so tranquil and clear, like a mirror… they say all these things about the Bermuda triangle, but honestly, if you are going to get lost, It might as well be in the beauty of Bermudas turquoise waters.

I was fortunate enough to be decked out, head to toe in Orlebar Brown for all the fun activities I participated in. I’m gonna let the images tell the story and for all of you that already watched the trip thru my Insta Story and wondered about the clothes I was wearing, here the pieces, there’s a link redirecting you to all of them., you just have to click on the image.


Big thank you to Edward and the OB team, Lucy and Moti Ankari for snapping these pics.

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