Month: February 2014

Love Brand

Love Brand & Co. is a luxury British beachwear and swimwear label that comes to the aid of elephant conservation… It just so happens that I was browsing my instagram for new trunks and these elephant lovers appear and also a ladybug model that i’m currently obsessing with… the print is fun, cute, perfect for a beach day with friends and family… I honestly think that these trunks are conversation starters. Love Brand & Co. have different prints and colors, the little detail at the end of the cords is just so fitting, they’re little elephant tusks, so nice… Another pair of shorts added to my wish list. Surprisingly the price range is very affordable and the silver lining is that they are promoting a good cause. As soon as i get my hands on the trunks I willl review them, I just want to give them a shout out. They deserve it. Check their website here!

I won!

Haha, I won the Vilebrequin Valentine’s Contest! Check out the winning answer and tell me what do you think. I’m very happy… i would be more happy if those two bears came with a pair of swim trunks and that chair and those sunglasses… but yeah, I can buy those, the polar bears are collectibles. Im very happy and I hope they take the idea and make something with it.

Frescobol Carioca

I am obsessing over this newly discovered brand. I was just browsing on instagram… soemtimes I like to do a hashtag search to discover treasures and… there it was: Frescobol Carioca. They’re form the UK, launched in 2009. I love their shorts, specially their tailored ones, the prints are minimalist but they pop and the colors are great, the buttons detail on top is really a nice touch. Can’t wait to get my hands on a pair soon, or should i say legs? Their beach bats look fun, high quality and i love they’re handmade. They also have towels, boards… I think is a very complete beach brand… I am really interested on getting a few of their products. Hopefully soon.