Month: March 2015

Pantone Colorwear by Flavio Melchiorre

  Pantone Colorwear recently did a collaboration with the award-winning Italian designer Flavio Melchiorre, the result is a colorful explosion of forms and figures, quite detailed, whimsical… a showstopper for sure. I was lucky to get my hands on one of these t-shirts.   Visit Pantone Colorwear to purchase this item and remember to follow me on instagram. Pictures by Ayrton Tromp


Article by Alexander Vasquez | Pictures by Angelo Trimon Go to Google, type in ‘England King’, a plethora of historic men who ruled England over time instantly appear. Now, Google ‘Caribbean King’, you’re now treated to image after image, source after source of one man, the self-made ‘king’ of the Caribbean on everything social media. I’m lucky enough to have known this man for nearly ten years, better known to me as old Christian Bendek. Nearly a decade into our friendship I have to say I was surprised at seeing 72,000 people express such an interest in aspects of his life he shares. He’s a prime example of how anything can happen now within social media, at any moment, never to be predicted or expected. Although, in a sea of grumpy cats, #IceBucketChallenge, convicts with handsome mug shots getting interest from major designers, Vine fame whores, there truly is something substantially unique about Christian. He isn’t just unique he does offer up his good looks for the internet to digest on a daily basis but it’s …