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We shoot these beautiful pieces in Aruba, we decided to go south, to San Nicolaas, away from the sandy beaches of Noord. It is hard to tell you which one is my favorite piece from the collection but they are all unique and special. The mesh tops, the jumpsuits, the print on the shorts. This is truly a special collection that I had the privilege to shoot with my friend Isaiah. All these pieces are available online and in selected stores around the world, click here to visit Velorum’s website.


Swim Briefs, Swim Shorts, Pajama Shirt by Versace _________________________________________________________________ Speedo season, or swimwear in general, is never over in the Caribbean. Here I am sporting my new favorite pair of swim briefs, yes, I know, I call speedos all my briefs, but is the force of habit. Burgundy is a fall color, in my opinion, if you wanna keep a little seasonal tone in your swimwear also this is the perfect piece. I always wear shorts to the beach and brief under, I like to sunbath in speedos, tan lines are very sexy in my opinion. Both pieces are from the newest collection and they’re available online . You can also visit a Versace boutique or Saks to get any of these pieces.    


I’ve been wearing Xarifa for over 3 years now, and it is one of the top brands for luxury swimwear. I once blogged about them and called these shorts “the most elegant swimwear” and I still stand by that affirmation. The fabric and cut of these shorts set them apart, even thou they have an elastic waistband these shorts will never look puffy and that’s always a concern when you are buying shorts with elastic. The model I’m wearing for this blog post is called Fatima, it has an optical print in which the eye plays a leading role, that characteristic symbol of the Middle East signifying the ability to “see through different eyes” on a voyage of discovery to unexplored worlds and realities… in my book, this evil eye print keeps you protected at the beach… from sharks and bad tan perhaps? *wink* Here a more detailed description: Superleggero®  Polyester shell Elastic waistband Comfortable mesh net lining Adjustable cotton drawstring Button fastening and fold-in back pocket Nickel free Italian hardware Care: Gentle cycle machine wash [30°C …


So… you know how much I like flamingos, right? and How much I like Orlebar Brown… My favorite short is a collaboration they did with my friend Gray Malin a few years ago, I treasure that short and wear it as much as I can. Now with Orlebar Brown‘s new service you can design your own swim shorts, with the image you want, the size and length you prefer. You can use a beach photo, it could also be a sketch, a pattern, a family memory photo or a beautiful landscape. You have endless options. One day visiting Renaissance Island, I came really early, the flamingos were sleeping on the floor, it was the first time I see them sleeping, I quietly got close to them and snap a few pictures of them sleeping, one of them, a female suddenly open the eye and I got this amazing picture I shared in the past on my Instagram. Now this beautiful unique picture became a short, a unique short. I am very proud of it, you …


Swim shorts by Boardies Apparel, sunglasses by Le Specs and Albert Kerbs. Location: Renaissance Island. Photographer: Isaiah Stomp. ____________________________________________________________ So… Boardies, these are really short shorts, they do have longer versions, but the ones I’m sporting here are really short. You know me, I love short shorts, they’re more fun. All their designs are cool, there’s no dull short. The “Living The Dream” short I’m sporting (yellow ith black lettering) has to be my favorite from them. They quick dry which is always important for me, they’re affordable, the price range goes from 45 to 50 British pounds. They have short shorts, mid-length and a longer version and too many prints, you have to visit their page. Why should you buy a pair? Because of their designs, their patterns, colors, they’re fun and whimsical, to me, that’s how a short should be… and they photograph beautifully.


Towel by Louis Vuitton, Sunglasses and swim shorts by Louis Vuitton, watch by Daniel Wellington, bracelet by Irdia. _________________________________________________________________   As a professional beach goer I must say that you really need to get quality and durable beach wear, I have learnt that through the year by testing brands and reviewing them sometimes. It is an investment but it sure is worth it. Investing on a great beach towel, getting a comfortable and stylish pair of sunglasses and the perfect swim shorts is key, if you are a man, those are the essential pieces. In this blog post I’m wearing some of my favorite items.  ATTRACTION PILOT Featuring the light frame and flex hinges that make the Attraction model so comfortable to wear, these sunglasses boast a pilot frame meticulously covered with leather, along with mirrored lenses on the brown and grey versions.     BEACH TOWEL With its generous size and soft, thick cotton, a Louis Vuitton towel is a must-have for the beach. As for the swimshorts I invite you to click on my swimwear area …