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Houndstooth is a print that falls in a gray area

I’m obsessing over houndstooth this fall, I have been adding a few pieces with this classic print to my wardrobe. To make things easier for you guys I am linking them here on this post. I haven’t been posting on my blog as much lately but I am hoping to change this in the upcoming months.   The Houndstooth cat by Sandro     Houndstooth wool trousers by Paul Smith Soft Duffle Gancini Bag by Ferragamo Dress boot by Ankari Floruss        

Sunglasses Gift Guide

As it’s getting colder I’m planning my holidays to warmer temperatures, clearer waters, and Islands other than Manhattan like Aruba, Tulum and St Barths to end the year. Trust me, if I can skip the entire winter season, I would. In the last few weeks, I’ve been jumping around the Caribbean avoiding the New York cold and seeking loungers and cocktails. If you’ve been following my journey this season, you’ve probably caught me recently in Miami for Art Basel, Aruba and most recently, Tulum,  which has become one of my favorite places in Mexico. I packed my essentials for Tulum, sorts of linen and swim trunks, a hat for the sun and sunglasses, which is the key to my outfits for many reasons. For starters, they’re not only the perfect compliment to my outfit, but also protects my eyes for UV rays, and most importantly, cover any signs of that the night before was long— if you know what I mean. I’ve been a fan of John Varvatos for quite some time, he’s an American legend …

Five For Fall

Is it too early to be thinking of Fall? Perhaps it is. and since it is 90 degrees outside and the sun is shining, we might have a few more weeks to think about swapping our wardrobes. BUT, since Fall is my favorite season, I am already looking for the perfect pieces to add to my wardrobe— key items that I will wear for strolls in the central park and to shoot in Soho’s famous cobblestone streets. So, to answer my first question, I have to say no, it is not too early. You definitely want to sport the newest collections first and get ahead of your game. As a fashion enthusiast, layering is my absolute favorite thing to do and fall is the best season for it. Here are some of my favorite fall pieces from Canali. If you haven’t heard of them yet— they’ve been around in the game for about 80 years, with their renowned suits, not only in Italy but around the world.   A Fresh black turtleneck A turtleneck is an essential piece …

Flamingo Camo | Dolce&Gabbana

Suit by Dolce&Gabbana Summer 2016, Sunglasses Dolce&Gabbana Gold, bracelets by Irdia. Photos by Ayrton Tromp ______________________________________________________ Fine tailoring is the soul of Dolce&Gabbana’s clothing for me, whenever I wear a Dolce suit it fits like a glove, the details, the handmade stitching of their garments is always superb. I saw this pink suit and I immediately thought it would be the perfect piece for summer, to visit my kids at the Renaissance Island, to fall in love this valentine’s day. I think is a timeless piece that you might not wear regularly but you can wear it all your life, today and in 10 years. I choose a skinny black tie, I think it fits perfectly and is a nice contrast with the softness of the pink color. I put on some bracelets to be a little playful. Now the shades are part of their Gold collection, it is a special edition. They´re 18ct gold plated metal pilot sunglasses, the temples, which are made of basalt – exclusive material- with a shiny finish, are the result of …

Chic Bad Boy | Louis Vuitton

CHRISTOPHER PM A visually powerful everyday bag with the vigor of the outdoors, the versatile Christopher PM comes with a roomy interior. An attractive style marked by good taste. SPRINTER SNEAKER BOOT This on-trend sneaker boot comes in supple, lightweight nylon featuring Louis Vuitton’s iconic Damier pattern. Padded lamb leather trim brings extra refinement to this stylish design. ATTITUDE PILOTE These classic aviator-style sunglasses feature Louis Vuitton’s historic Damier pattern in matte and shiny metal on the temples and nose bridge.   Sunglasses, Back Pack and Boots by Louis Vuitton, Leather Jacket by Boda Skins. ______________________________________________________ I always have fun and pleasure layering and accessorizing my looks, when I go to the beach is really more simple but this chic bad guy look going on here I dig a lot. The center piece for me was the Christopher bag, I created the outfit around it. Jeans and a deep navy V neck shirt, leather biker jacket to add some edge, sneaker boots to keep it young and matching accessories to complete the look. I usually don’t like to match …

FLOWERS FOR NYC | Dolce& Gabbana

T-Shirt by Dolce&Gabbana, Jeans by Dolce&Gabbana, shoes by Bachelor Shoes, Sunglasses by Komono, Iphone Case by Dolce&Gabbana ______________________________________________________ You know, after seeing that blizzard freezing my friends in NYC I thought about doing a floral post, not to tease them but to remind them spring and summer are around the corner. This floral T from Dolce is just so alive and so happy, I paired it with jeans and espadrilles. When you live on a small island in the caribbean… a casual look is always the best way to go. All this items can be purchased online but if you are in Aruba you can just go to the Renaissance Mall on visit the Dolce&Gabbana store. Remember to like my facebook page by clicking here and if you are not following me on snapchat already… you should, here’s my username; Christianbendek, very easy 😛      

#MakeAPromise | Louis Vuitton / Unicef

You can join UNICEF and LOUIS VUITTON in making a promise to the world’s children.   Here’s why we need your promise: This year has not been kind to children. More children than ever have had to face the unspeakable horrors of war, the largest refugee migration in history, deadly diseases that can be easily prevented, and the effects of natural disasters like floods and earthquakes. Your promise = hope for the future: Wherever you find a child in need, it’s there you’ll find UNICEF. We work tirelessly to make the world a better place for children. We need more partners, like you, to keep our promise alive. Together we can’t stop, won’t stop until every child has a fair and equal chance in life. Every donation delivers on your promise: Join our #makeapromise movement in doing whatever it takes to save and protect the world’s most vulnerable children. With your donation, you’re working together with UNICEF for the survival, protection and development of children in more than 190 countries around the world. THE SILVER …

Luck for 2016?

Are you ready to place your bets? 2016 is just around the corner… do you believe in luck? destiny? I believe in working hard, I know; sounds cheesy. But yeah… I’ve always have this thing for wearing new clothes on new years, makes me feel ready to start the new year… a new year is an offering to give another try, why not wear something new and look your best? no matter what you are wearing… I also grew up with this silly superstition: You have to wear yellow underwear for good luck… i know, very silly. This uncertainty, excitement, gambling on a new year inspired this look and this post. I’m wearing a three-piece suit with double-breasted jacket with the gold fit tuxedo shirt with stiff French collar and bow tie by Dolce Gabbana. Pictures by Johnathan Baena at the Crystal Casino in the beautiful caribbean island of Aruba.