Year: 2014

2014 in review

The stats helper monkeys prepared a 2014 annual report for this blog. Here’s an excerpt: The concert hall at the Sydney Opera House holds 2,700 people. This blog was viewed about 23,000 times in 2014. If it were a concert at Sydney Opera House, it would take about 9 sold-out performances for that many people to see it. Click here to see the complete report.

Nikben’s Jiro

So… Nikben is a young swedish brand making a statement with their designs, we did a collab this christmas and it turned out beautifully. I’m sporting the Jiro shorts, they’re like a sushi party and they not only are colorful but also have that cute factor that people like, they will stop you and compliment you about how original the print is, you know? and I love attention so… these shorts were made for me! Getting a little technical, they have an elastic waistband, plus a cord to adjust, so you know they will stay nicely in place the whole time, they have 3 pockets, the one in the back has a velcro closure system, so you keep an eye on the stuff you put in there. The mesh lining is comfortable, technically the short is great, the cut is classic but they’re shorter than most of the others out there, that makes them look more modern, they do have a flattering line, they don’t look puffy at all and that’s one of my main worries, specially …

Diamonds International feat The Caribbean King

This commercial is very special not only because it is the first official Diamonds International commercial in the world, but also because it was 100% shot in Aruba showcasing beautiful sights and sounds of the island and will be showcased on all the cruise lines in the Caribbean and Alaska! Big win for Diamonds International and big win for Aruba and The caribbean King!!

We need your help!

  My dear friend Benjamin Mach designed and is selling this cool t-shirt to raise money for amfAR The Foundation for AIDS Research, a foundation for aids research. It’s only $45 and 100% profits go to this great cause. Available at     Follow Benjamin on Instagram here and you can always follow me here!

The perfect gift this Christmas

  December is coming. My favorite time of the year. So it gets me thinking, ‘what would the perfect gift be for my best friend?’ As the self-proclaimed Caribbean King first thing that pops in my head is of course, beachwear. Swim shorts are the way to go, and not just any swim shorts, it has to be something special and unique. Orlebar Brown is my first option; the new Cruise collection is beautiful and has so many options, especially the photographic print shorts. It’s hard to choose from so many stunning styles but the Why Me Ah! Bulldog shorts are my favorite. The photographic print featured on this pair is eye-catching and dynamic; it’s a show-stopper, a conversation piece and that’s how I like my shorts, to stand out, and that’s what I also want my best friend to wear. Take a closer look at the shorts clicking HERE and be pending, in collaboration with Orlebar Brow we will be giving away a pair of this stunning shorts to a lucky winner on instragram, so make sure …

Seagale, the Pro Shorts.

So… Seagale came with these shorts, 2 in 1 they call it. Technical details can be found on their website but right now I will tell you why you need a pair of shorts. They’re basically a speedo and a short assembled together around the waistband resulting in a genius combination. Some people hate the mesh lining because it causes irritation, for instance a few friends I know cut and mutilate a perfectly fine pair of short because they don’t like the lining. Seagale however are the perfect solution, you could even say they feel like second skin, they keep not only everything in place but give you the certainty your body is protected and you can do virtually anything you imagine. These shorts are the PRO choice for beach goers, outdoor enthusiast, water sports aficionados or any type of sport for that matter, they can transition from casual day wear with a nice shirt also, I even picture them in a working environment. For a person like me that always wear speedos under my …

My Bachelor Shoes

  Yes…  I got this new pair of loafers by Bachelor Shoes, The GREEN LOAFER has a driver construction with rubber button treaded sole. Made with leather and metallic eyelets. Finished with a nickel-plated buckle at front. They are super comfortable, they transition from day to night easily, perfect for many occasions. You can learn more about Bachelor Shoes visiting their website, also you can follow them on Instagram.

50K on Instagram

I am very happy to announce we are over 50k followers on Instagram! We even did it without buying Instagram likes, though they’re a viable option for many others like me. Thank you so much for the support! it’s been an amazing experience sharing all thiese pictures with you and reading all the good comments, the critics and feeling the love! Thanks again, Chris. x

Sailing Day

So… I Paired more or less this look last saturday I spent the day by the Marina with friends. I chose this bright coral Onia Joey t-shirt (better wear a colorful t-shirt just in case you fall overboard) and I paired it with a pair of Calder E5 by Onia also, the print is really minimal and they’re 5″ which is my favorite length when it comes to swim-shorts. Toms, not flip flops this time, you can’t go wrong with a pair of black Toms. The star of this outfit are my Oxford Vaughan sunglasses, the SuperYacht is the essential choice for eye protection against the challenging elements of the great outdoors. I added the Nixon watch and the Frescobol Carioca bag to complete the look online, those two pieces are on my wish list. I really like that watch. You can follow me on instagram clicking here

John Pelican and The Caribbean King

So… Let’s talk about John Pelican… This young, Spanish brand has a preppy look and feel, that’s one of the things I like about it… Sometimes you just wanna wear a pair of classic swim trunks that are very masculine and very laid back. This could easily go from a beach day, to the lake and to a day laying by the pool at the country club. The cut is very classic, the length is just about right, not too short, not too long, they are roomier than most of my other shorts, they have side pockets and a velcro closure for the back pocket. The fabric is 100% Polyamide, that means they dry super fast and that’s a great quality. Check them out here, you can also follow them on instagram here!

Poche Plage

So… Poche Plage is an italian brand that I recently found on instagram. I liked their models but couldn’t really tell much by the pictures, I have a pair now and all I can say is: WOW! Why WOW? They are flattering shorts that fit your body and look good in every possible way, specially in the back for me, they really have a great design, they are short and modern looking, colorful, with great patterns that are whimsical, masculine and attractive to the eye. The fabric is great, the long cord that ties the waist is really something that adds to the design making it more fun and playful. I would say: Get a pair! … and they’re made in Italy, you know is good. Learn more about this brand here, you can also follow them on instagram here and you can follow me clicking here!

Monza by Oxford Vaughan

“Luxury sunglasses designed for the man who wants to tell his own story, in his own way…” Sunglasses are not just an accessory, a complement they’re a necessity when you live in a sunny place. After years of having gone through different brands and models, trends and styles I have found in Oxford Vaughan the perfect companion for my days in the Caribbean. The Monza, the current model I’m sporting these days, is a beautiful example of what I like in sunglasses, it has a retro futuristic design inspired by F1. When I wear them I dare to dream of that era in the 60s where everything was more glamorous. They bring back those days of luxury. “The Monza are hand-built using aircraft grade titanium frames, plated with 18K yellow gold, tortoiseshell zylonite and polarised, world-renowned ZEISS lens technology, for visual impact in every sense…” That’s how their website describes them, which is pretty accurate and technical, but let me speak from the heart and tell you what it’s to wear them. First off, they’re incredibly light, almost weightless and that’s a quality that, to me, is …


Once again Onia has the perfect color for summer, I have to tell you I’ve seen many flamingos in my life, now I see them in every single summer collection… and I wonder, do i wanna wear a picture of one or better sport the color of one? The answer is obvious. Check The Calder 7.5″, their signature trunk, in Burnt Coral. This short is sophisticated, sporty, perfect for a beach day or lounging by the pool. Make sure you follow Onia on instagram, you can check this pair of shorts here.

Why CabanaBro?

Why Cabana Bro? Not only because they’re 100% Hasselhoff approved or because of their retro, colorful design… I am going to tell you why these shorts are a must have in your wardrobe. Everybody owns a T-Shirt that you only wear at home or those sweat pants that are so comfortable that you feel good in them on a lazy sunday. You know the ones that give you a “life is good and relax” feeling that you wear because you feel at ease, free and comfy… Well, that’s the feeling I get when I wear Cabana Bro to the beach. They’re effortlessly cool, they’re colorful without being over the top, they are short but keeping it masculine, a very “Bro cut” we will label it and we all know that a “Bro” is HOT, Bro! That’s what these shorts are, cool shorts for cool dudes. Made of quick-drying polyester they’re perfect for a beach or pool day or gym or even jogging, you can wear them anywhere and because they have a tailored fit to them they look …

Love Brand Club GIVEAWAY

Get ready for your beach holiday with a Love Brand & Co. GIVEAWAY!  For a chance to win a Free pair of our ‘Pineapple Punch’ Limited Edition Classic Shorts:  1. Follow @lovebrandclub on instagram  2. Post the image below with the hashtag  #ToPineFor (must use the hashtag to be entered)   The winner will be selected at random and announced on Thursday 31st July 2014 at 5pm GMT #lovebrandclub #giveaway


So… I first was introduced to this brand while browsing online for new trunks last year, it was Xarifa’s first collection. This brand is based on Milan and advertised as a product 100% made in Italy so naturally I had really big expectations… and they were all met and surpassed.  The moment I received my first pair of Xarifa trunks, the Squame Sulphur Sky, I was pleasantly surprised by its packaging, it is the most exquisite packaging for a swim-short I have ever seen. It came in a white branded box big enough to fit the short, inside there was a bag made out of the same fabric and print as the shorts. The presentation is superb and that to me speaks highly of such a young brand. Once you take the shorts out of the bag you notice the classic cut, but once you put them on they look really fitted, I believe the key in the design is the cut around the leg area which is a lot more narrow than some other brands and that helps shape the swimwear to your …


This summer BLUEMINT and the Caribbean King are working on a fun collaboration by showcasing colorful swimwear, taking these vibrant colored shorts and placing them in the idilic setting like Aruba seemed like a natural progression. The colors compliment the beautiful beaches and vice versa. Let’s start off with the dandelion trunk… The color yellow of this trunk is as bright as the Caribbean sun which exudes a joyful way of life and stands out at the beach or pool. The pair that are featured today has been dubbed Dandelion by BLUEMINT. With such a fun name I figured that these need to be taken out for a wild escapade around the island. Jumping from piers, into rough waters and then for a much needed nap after “test driving” these trunks around Aruba. The Dandelion is well constructed inside out! This I could tell the minute I unpacked them from the box in which they cam in. Once I started detailing it you can see the finish is beautifully and impeccably done. It is with no doubt …