Month: October 2016


Swim Briefs, Swim Shorts, Pajama Shirt by Versace _________________________________________________________________ Speedo season, or swimwear in general, is never over in the Caribbean. Here I am sporting my new favorite pair of swim briefs, yes, I know, I call speedos all my briefs, but is the force of habit. Burgundy is a fall color, in my opinion, if you wanna keep a little seasonal tone in your swimwear also this is the perfect piece. I always wear shorts to the beach and brief under, I like to sunbath in speedos, tan lines are very sexy in my opinion. Both pieces are from the newest collection and they’re available online . You can also visit a Versace boutique or Saks to get any of these pieces.    


Once you are determined to look better, to work out hard many aspects of your life change, including the way you dress. If you are here redirected by a link on my instagram, snapchat, twitter, facebook it means you have been following my transformation via social media; half my snaps are at the gym,working out since very early in the morning. Once you get the motivation and the will power to change you can’t be stopped. I have changed my diet, the way I train, I have to admit my PT has been a lot of help, you have to get some guidance, specially when you start this journey later in life, I wasn’t the sporty spice I am now. I have always liked fashion and dressing accordingly for every occasion, why not make your training a special occasion, not only because you look good but these clothes actually help you perform better, now the idea of running wearing clothes made of cotton makes me cringe. Why? it slows you down, you are all wet, it …


Silk Blend Sweater, jeans and slip on shoes by Versace. Bracelets by Autobahn, watch by Braithwait. _________________________________________________________________ Night outs for me are the perfect occasion to have fun with fashion, the ideal opportunity and time wear interesting and eye catchy clothes. In this opportunity, and if you saw last Friday night in my favorite club, I was wearing this outstanding sweater by Versace, I paired with black jeans, and black slip-on shoes by Versace as well. I accessorized it with my favorite watch and bracelets. It was the perfect fun look for a crazy night. I had so much fun. All these Versace pieces ar available online at Saks Fifth Avenue. Pictures by ARTN Photography


You know I have always had a soft spot for Mexico and their culture… particularly the food. But as Dia de Los Muertos is approaching I thought about doing a shoot to pay my respects and celebrate together. I decided to team up with Autobahn Life because of their accessories, specifically their gold plated skull bracelets made of python skin, these are the perfect touch to enhance my costume, you know, it is about the fun and the fashion, not because you are in a costume you can’t accessorize. This sumptuous python leather bracelet is designed with class, style, and daring. It’s made for men who defy convention, challenge the status quo, and never accept anything less than life at its very best. I think is the perfect addition to your wardrobe this month, to celebrate Dia De Los Muertos. They’re made of genuine Python leather and tehy come in different colors. Click here to purchase one of these bold bracelets. You can also compliment the look with several other pieces like the Shambala , with solid and patterned beads create …


You train to be your best. You train because improvement is the best motivation. You have been following my transformation on snapchat (christianbendek) and Instagram for quite some time now and you have seen the difference, I am very proud and each day and more motivated to reach my goal. Being constant and having a routine have helped me, also the proper sportswear will help get you there. For all the moments you train for, look your best. I present you in this new entry my latest additions to my sportswear wardrobe with Bjorn Borg. BB PALANI TIGHTS So, I have never worn tights, I have this idea they were not for me… well, now I can’t seem to leave the house without them on. lol. They sure are tighten up your physique with the support you need to get the job done. These training tights with elastic waistband serve as a second skin to keep you warm in cool weather. They have a few high-tech features, anti-chafing flat-lock seams and sweat-wicking Hydro Pro material, also …