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 photo IES_8534.jpg
 photo IES_8741.jpg photo IES_9091.jpg
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 photo IES_8963.jpg
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 photo IES_9144.jpg photo IES_8857.jpg
 photo IES_8848.jpg
 photo IES_9154.jpg

Swim shorts by Boardies Apparel, sunglasses by Le Specs and Albert Kerbs. Location: Renaissance Island. Photographer: Isaiah Stomp.


So… Boardies, these are really short shorts, they do have longer versions, but the ones I’m sporting here are really short. You know me, I love short shorts, they’re more fun. All their designs are cool, there’s no dull short. The “Living The Dream” short I’m sporting (yellow ith black lettering) has to be my favorite from them.

They quick dry which is always important for me, they’re affordable, the price range goes from 45 to 50 British pounds. They have short shorts, mid-length and a longer version and too many prints, you have to visit their page.

Why should you buy a pair? Because of their designs, their patterns, colors, they’re fun and whimsical, to me, that’s how a short should be… and they photograph beautifully.

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  1. Mr. Turner says

    Don’t think there could be a better model for it! Great shots!

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