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So, I’ve started my diet again. Training hard at the gym and getting ready not only for carnival season but for every season. Looking and feeling good should always be a priority in your life. Garden Fresh is the best option when it comes to eating fit and fresh in Aruba, also the most hip and fashionable healthy restaurant, which is always a plus.

They serve a wide range of smoothies and juices. The morning sunshine smoothie to me is one of the best, my favorite I have to say. There’s a wide variety of healthy food, there’s wraps and paninis, you have salads as well. Create your own salad is the best option for me, especially at night… now that I am on a zero carb diet I can just go there, pick my favorite protein (usually chicken) and then ask for the veggies I like. It’s a life saver to be honest and they don’t sell anything that could be a temptation… like coca cola, you know? Things that are not supposed to be available in a “healthy restaurant”. I am weak and not having the temptation there is the best!

What I also love is how peaceful and quiet it is all the time, you can just bring your laptop and work or surf the web while you eat. They have free parking which is also a great feature, with this whole parking thing going on on the island… it’s just another headache you won’t have to deal with when you go out. The parking lot is right across the street, they give you a token when you are done.


Recommendations from the King:

The Antioxidant, their signature Juice; it contains beets, kales, apples, ginger and lemons. It has a sweet taste because of the beets and apples but the ginger and lemon gives it a kick. The kale you don’t really feel the taste… and that’s ok! It’s their signature drink, so make sure you try it, it’s very refreshing and great after a work out. You can order one and go to the beach and just relax, that’s one of the things I love about the restaurant, it’s located at Playa Linda. You can literally walk across the hotel and go to the beach and enjoy your food there if you feel like it.


The Aruba Salad. Contains romaine lettuce, shrimps, avocado, heart of palm (my favorite), carrots and asian dressing (on the side).


The smoothie above ( MY FAVORITE!!!!) is the Morning Sunshine, it has bananas, mango, pineapples and orange Juice… all natural, sweet, cold and delicious. The best!

You can follow Garden Fresh on Instagram by clicking here, or simply like their Facebook page clicking here! I’m sure you will like the place as much as I do. If you go and take a food pic (#Foodie)… well, would be nice if you tag me.


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