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Spin your skin with the King

So, actually I’ve always seen this product and kept telling myself I needed to buy one. Thanks to Vanity Planet I got one and it is as good as i thought it would be.

The Spin for Perfect Skin takes face washing to a new level. Easily attain flawless skin with the use of this powerful and safe rotary action device. The gently spinning movement of the brush head thoroughly cleanses, exfoliates, and lifts dirt and oil trapped deep in your pores. The result is radiant skin that will have you beaming.

How to use it? It is so simple, just watch the video below.

Why is this little machine good?

  • 33% reduced pores
  • 93% clearer appearance
  • 97% bacteria removal
  • Use with cleanser to remove bacteria & eliminate dirt
  • Visible skin clarity after 3 days of use

The Spin for Perfect skin is a simple tool to help your skin look flawless. A powerful and safe rotary action gently spins the head of the device to thoroughly cleanse, exfoliate, and lift dirts and oils trapped in your pores. Gentle and effective, the micro-massage movement of the head stimulates and invigorates the surface of the skin. This multifaceted brush comes with four specialized attachments to achieve a beautiful and fresh feeling. Soft bristles from the Cleansing Brush lightly scrub your pores and remove all existing oil, dirt, and makeup to keep your skin in great condition. Change your brush head to the Body Brush or the Exfoliating Brush and allow your skin to gain a glowing appearance.The Pumice Stone finishes the job by working out rough patches and calluses on your feet. The Spin for Perfect Skin provides an easy way to take care of your skin from head to toe.

Get it here with a 70% off…that’s an awesoem deal, just click HERE!

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