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Black Friday Wishlist

Soo… I know, I know, I shop every month, every week, every day but I patiently wait for Black Friday to snatch some of my favorite designer pieces at an amazing price, do not believe that everything we bloggers wear is gifted, fashion is my life and my full time job. I buy pieces constantly to keep my wardrobe fresh and interesting. I’m always hunting for a good sale and there is no better sale than Black Friday, especially online.

A trick I have and would like to share with you guys: Add a bunch of these items to your wishlist, heart them, and once the Black Friday kicks in check which ones went on sale and then add them to the cart right away. As always I end up removing half because otherwise I won’t be able to pay rent or eat.

So, here’s a few pieces I recommend you to keep an eye on…

Bottega Veneta BV tire leather Chelsea boots

These guys are everywhere right now for a reason, they’re freaking cool. You need them and I need them, and they’re in my wishlist and I am getting them!!!!

must have

Versace leopard print 60mm ankle boots .

I wanted these boots for so long but I know I won’t be wearing them THAT often so I prefer to get them on sale and that’s what I am doing now…

Versace, Versace, Versace…

Dsquared2 D24 low-top sneakers

These guys are a steal for $320. You know I am a big fan of D2, I still have the Giants sneakers in my closet somewhere. This pair are a smaller version of them, not so crazy. I like them. Get them.

Love, love, love…

Cmmn Swdn Curtis crochet knit polo top

Hurry up get this guy before I do haha, this shirt is soo me!

sexy, sexy, sexy…

GmbH Atris contrast panelled top

This guy is soo cute, I don’t get it myself because Moti bought it already and I don’t like when other people/friendf/boyfriends have the same piece BUT you can have and now on sale. This is your opportunity!

Moti has this piece and I really like it..

Salvatore Ferragamo chunky knit jumper

This guy I own, and I just wore it last week to go to dinner, I always get compliments when I wear it and I can’t believe it’s on sale… this is your chance to be my twin. You guys know I love FERRAGAMOOOO.

let’s twin

VersaceMedusa detail printed clutch

Tempted to get this for myself… it is already on my wishlist. Haha, you know my Versace addiction these days, specially for this price!

There is a ton of other pieces that you should definitely check out on Farfetch. Keep an eye on my blog and stories.

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