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Summer in New York

From, Versace to Dolce&Gabbana, Louis Vuiton to Tomas Maier, Ferragamo to Ankari Floruss, here my favorite looks from the past 4 weeks in the city that never sleeps.

Dolce&Gabbana Capri Bermuda Shorts, Ankari-Floruss sneakers.IMG_4810

Dolce&Gabbana jacket, jeans and shoes. H&M Studio Tank top. IMG_4803

All Saints shirt, Paul Hewitt watch, Saint Laurent Sunglasses. DSC_5731

Dolce Gabbana Tank top, Ferragamo pants, Ankari Floruss sneakers.DSC_2944

Dolce&Gabbana Capri polo shiert, Zara jeans, Ankari Floruss sneakers. DSC_2124

Versace top, Zara pants, Ankari Floruss sneakers.DSC_1599

Parke and Ronen top, Louis Vuitton pants, Ankari Floruss sneakers.170713_Parke & Ronen_4989

Versace sweater, Ferragamo pants. IMG_4781

Ferragamo top and pants, Ankari Floruss sneakers. Saint Laurent sunglasses.IMG_4390

All Saints shirt, Zara pants, Ankari Floruss sneakers.DSC_5778DSC_5725

Dolce&Gabbana polo shirt and bermuda, Ankari Floruss sneakers.DSC_5086

Dolce&Gabbana tank top and bermuda short.DSC_4885

LIfe after denim shirt, uniqlo jeans. Ankari Floruss sneakers.DSC_4693

Tod’s gominno loafers and belt, Zara pants.DSC_4404

Louis Vuitton shirt, Orlebar Brown chinos, Ankari Floruss Sneakers.DSC_4235

Ferragamo top, Dolce&Gabbana bermuda, Ankari Floruss sneakers.DSC_3821

Ferragam shirt, Dolce&Gabbana Bermuda. Saint Laurent sunglasses.DSC_3795DSC_3543

Burberry jacket.DSC_3503DSC_3479

Ferragamo sweater, Zara jeans, Ankari Floruss sneakers.DSC_3410DSC_3376DSC_3330

Versace Collection Shirt, H&m Studio Tank top, Zara jeans, Ankari Floruss Sneakers.DSC_3194

Dolce&Gabbana Palermo Tank top, Ferragamo pants, Ankari Floruss sneakers.DSC_3073DSC_3014

Versace Collection Sweater, Zara pants, Ankari Floruss Sneakers.DSC_2696DSC_2568

Parke and Ronnen top, Louis Vuitton pants, Ankari Floruss sneakers.DSC_2373

Tomas Maier tee shirt, Louis Vuitton pants, Ankari Floruss shoes.DSC_2317DSC_2282DSC_2246DSC_2206

Versace lace shirt and pants, Dolce&Gabbana loafers.IMG_4959

Ferragamo knit sweater, Zara jeans and Ankari Floruss Sneakers.DSC_2180

Dolce&Gabbana Polo shirt.DSC_2135

Ferragamo knit sweater, Zara jeans and Ankari Floruss Sneakers.DSC_2058DSC_1957DSC_1806

Zara tee shirt and pants. DSC_1351

Versace Collection polo, Dolce&Gabbana jeans, belt  and shoes. IMG_6461

Ferragamo shirt and pants. IMG_4764

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