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Once you are determined to look better, to work out hard many aspects of your life change, including the way you dress. If you are here redirected by a link on my instagram, snapchat, twitter, facebook it means you have been following my transformation via social media; half my snaps are at the gym,working out since very early in the morning. Once you get the motivation and the will power to change you can’t be stopped.

I have changed my diet, the way I train, I have to admit my PT has been a lot of help, you have to get some guidance, specially when you start this journey later in life, I wasn’t the sporty spice I am now. I have always liked fashion and dressing accordingly for every occasion, why not make your training a special occasion, not only because you look good but these clothes actually help you perform better, now the idea of running wearing clothes made of cotton makes me cringe. Why? it slows you down, you are all wet, it is uncomfortable and you look sloppy and not clean. You have seen in previous post, that even my underwear is made of dry-fit material, that has helped me to perform better.

If you look good, you feel good. Below the new pieces I added to my wardrobe. Click on the pictures to access Bjorn Borg’s website and learn more or purchase any of these pieces, you are entitled to a 15% off if you the discount code ‘CHRISTIANB’ while you are checking out.

I am certainly very proud of my body now thanks to the big effort and the help not only of the clothes but the diet, my friends, my trainer and my desire to look better. Now, I have six pack… I never thought I could , but yes, you can. You can confirm it visit my instagram :p


CLICK HERE to get any or all of these pieces by Bjorn Borg. 

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