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Turtleneck sweater, Monogram Stole Square Rope and Rain Coat by Louis Vuitton, burgundy trousers by Zara. Location: Mercado Roma, Mexico City


I had the chance to visit Mercado Roma not long ago while visiting Mexico City, it became a new favorite place to repeat next time I’m there. It’s a gourmet Market where you can eat autenthic and delicious Mexican food, you can also shop for organic products, teas, liquor, artisanal chocolate, artisanal ice cream, artisanal beer… souvenirs, books. Everything. It’s a place to visit. I had lunch there, had the most tasty burrito I’ve had in my life, made on the spot in front of your eyes. It was delicious.

So.. Mexico City can get cold, and that’s another thing I love about it, temperatures don’t drop that much but enough for you to wear a nice jacket or a coat, you can wear a turtleneck sweater and add a stole if you want. It is fun for me since I can’t layer in Aruba. I love wearing fall and winter clothes when I travel.

Screen Shot 2015-10-29 at 8.36.11 AM

Now, the key piece of this outfit is the stole, on a woven Monogram base, the Christopher Nemeth’s distinctive rope motif is used in a damier version as an all-over pattern for this delightfully soft stole. Perfect to slip under a suit jacket or complete a casual look, it brings a sophisticated touch to any silhouette. Paired with a white turtleneck, burgundy trousers, my favorite color during fall and on top a rain coat just in case, you never know… Rains a lot on Mexico during fall and winter.

I love Mexico and I will move there someday, I know it! Have you ever visited Mexico? Leave a comment and let me know what’s your favorite thing to do there.


  1. René Garza says

    Awesome blog perfect for men bro, what I like to do here in Mexico is visit the ruins and pyramids of the ancient Mexicans and also go to the beach, you should come again and visit some of us jajaja. Instagram username: pabloreneg

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