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When you feel that the top notes in this perfume are Gin & Tonic you immediately think this is a night out fragrance, a party perfume, meant for vibrant guys,  that are outgoing and spontaneous, a go-getter. For me, that I am no longer a kid but still young I find it revitalizing and energetic. The melon note on First Instinct makes it fun, flirty yet masculine, tropical without making you think of one of Carmen Miranda’s hats. This is a perfume I would wear every day to the gym, to the office, on date or night out. Price range is pretty affordable and would make a great gift for you or for a friend, boyfriend, brother, for any man in your life that needs a boost in confidence with a perfume. Make sure you try it when you see it, this is my second bottle and I picked up both at Penha.            

L’Envol by Cartier

Launched in summer 2016, Cartier added a new fragrance for men, L’Envol. Inspired by ambrosia, known as the nectar of the gods. L’Envol is both strong and mellow with sweet resins set against airy musk, is all about violet leaves. Mathilde Laurent developed this fragrance, she surrounded violet leaves by semi-sweet woods to make them smell milder, warmer, noble, slightly sweet. L’Envol is sophisticated and very Cartier, this is, with all sincerity, and by a large margin the best designer release of 2016. It is unquestionably masculine and blended to perfection. The extraordinary bottle is a capsule contained within a detachable glass dome, which can be carried independently and is refillable. The bottle is a classic and stylish Cartier, with its famous guilloché motif on the bottle stopper while the dome shows once again Cartier’s expertise in glasswork. It is available at Penha Mainstreet and Palm Beach Plaza. Feel free to pass by and try it.


So… Penha and I have decided to partner to give away the newest fragrance from Abercrombie & Fitch, this brand new perfume was designed by Phillippe Romano; he said: “I wanted to create a modern fragrance that balances both the fresh elements of fougère with oriental warmth. All the notes together, create a scent with worldwide appeal for the Abercrombie & Fitch man and beyond.” First Instinct, an oriental fougère, is intended for “the confident man who is not afraid to express his feelings.” The top notes include an aromatic gin & tonic accord combined with Kiwano melon, so it makes it perfect for a night out in my opinion but I used it in the mornings also. If you have been following me on snapchat, you have seen me spray it after the gym. Middle notes offer spicy Szechuan pepper, airy violet leaves and tangy citrusand.These ingridients will get the attention from everybody. Now, the basenotes are comprised of sueded musk with raw amber. The beautiful bottle has the appearance of undulating water. The silver …


Penha Aruba launched yesterday night a new fragrance by Mercedez-Benz, Mercedes-Benz Man. The event took place Downtown Oranjestad, the Penha store in Mainstreet, where you were welcomed by four Mercedes-Benz parked just in front of the store. It was a charming cocktail party hosted by the staff of Penha. The attendees had the opportunity to learn more about Mercedes-Benz Fragrances, and of course, the star of the night, Mercedes-Benz Man while treated to cocktails and hors-dœuvres. The new fragrance, Man, the star fragrance, is the newest addition to the collection of perfumes that Mercedes-Benz has beautifully crafted for the past 4 years. The genius nose behind this fragrance is none other than Olivier Cresp, he created a timeless, sophisticated Mercedes fragrance belonging to the aromatic, woody, fruity family. The top notes are ambrette and pear; middle notes are geranium and cedar; base notes are oakmoss and pallisander rosewood. This Eau de Toilette comes in a splendid, high-tech bottle of 50 ml and 100 ml. Man embodies a masculine elegance, is fresh and contemporary, it has …