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A Traveler’s Best Friend | Smythson

I’ve been lucky to travel around the world for work and leisure and I have learned that a backpack is your best travel companion. My Smythson bag is my new best friend and I can’t wait to travel the world with it. Check out my recent interview with Smythson where I share some of my favorite travel essentials, favorite tunes and more. Click HERE.  


It’s no secret Fabiola and I’ve been good friends for a long time, you’ve seen us together many times, around the island and on Instagram. it’s funny to see how we are wearing matching outfits, but that’s only normal when you hang out so much with the same person and it’s called twinning, a twist on the word Charlie Sheen made viral – winning –. Twinning is when two people wear matching or very similar outfits and are delighted by this coordinated turn of events. Now, what makes Fabiola’s look stand out is the beautifulVictoria’s Secret Daydream handbag that compliments her look. This particular color, Pink Rose, is really IN right now, the nude palette has been trending for a while and still is. The bag is made of genuine leather and it comes in two different colors, both available at the Victoria’s Secret boutiques in Aruba and around the world. The detail on metal with the Victoria’s Secret initials is such a nice touch, a little bling placed tastefully. You can also get a wallet in …


So, I love browsing on EAST DANE to see what’s new, what they have… I like they have SALES all year long, you know? getting some nice items at a good price is always smart… thou you always fall in love with the LATEST additions to their page. Here’s a shirt I am getting for sure from the new arrivals, you’ll see me wearing it probably next weekend, cause even thou I live in Aruba, if I place the order on Monday I’ll get it by Wednesday. So, if you saw one of my latest post I am kind of liking a lot this “evil eye” print. Kenzo has this new print, I saw it already in white but I like it a lot more in blue. Also, last month I bought this Michael Kors backpack in brown but I see this one in blue and is on sale, you should check it out cause I think it has a great price for a full leather bag, I like also nylon and plastic bags but, …