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    Hightide linen knit Polo by Island Company, Camel linen shorts by Island Company, Yacht Master Soft Espadrilles by Bachelor Shoes , Clasico Eyelet Crown Panama hat by Artesano, No Smirking sunglasses by Le Specs, Watermelon Iphone Case by Lecimes ________________________________________________________________ Enjoying a day being lazy by the beach is amazing but ending a day at the beach, waiting for that sunset, could be even better. Every sunset is beautiful but sometimes they’re just breathtaking like the one i had the pleasure to witness yesterday… I knew it was gonna be a good one, I’ve been taking pictures for so long and I kinda have the eye for it so I decided to wait and see… but I had no idea I was going to have one of the most amazing experiences in my life. The colors were just amazing, they were shifting every minute until the sun went completely down. It was magic. The linen short and shorts by Island company were perfect for this occasion, I was there with friends witnessing this beauty an d …

Getting Ready for Summer 2015

So, I was lucky enough to be the first man blogging about the new MOBO swimwear line for men. Dear Friend Keren brought me a pair of their zungas and they are colorful, confortable, the fit is perfect, the lining is really good inside. Teh classic floral print is always a perfect choice fo rthe beahc,a dds that pop of color against the white sand or the turquoise waters. You need to check them out as soon as tehy’re released this summer. Mobo swimweasr is a Must Have. Now, the tank top here is everything, it is Algae Miami, new brand, beautiful brand, I got a few pieces from them but THIS TANK is just too much, and the color is on point. Algae describes this tan as “A throwback to 90’s dancehall and roots rock reggae. Its versatile, great for layering, and perfect for sweltering summers”. To me thsi tank is one of those pieces ALL your friends will ask you: Where did you get it? I love it. Now, you go get it! you need it! One of …

Le Specs

Summer is here again kids, I know… still a few weeks ahead but you better get your hands on a pair or two of Le Specs. They’re bold, colorful, the shapes are interesting and the price is really good. They’re been featuring me on their instagram, along with Lady Gaga and Rihanna haha, how cool is that?  Follow them on instagram! Tag me if you get them! The model I’m sporting is the Captain Courageous, this large wayfarer style features a strong classic silhouette, and will suit all face shapes. It’s only $69.95 My friend the flamingo is wearing the Hermosa, still not available online but they will be in no time. I’m pretty sure in a couple of days they will. Check Le Specs here! Follow them on Instagram here! Don’t forget to like my facebook page!