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The guy with the hair

This is a sponsored post written by me on behalf of Pantene for MMI Agency. All opinions are 100% mine.

I have been very fortunate to have had a full head of hair since I was a little boy—I feel I was always known as “The Guy with The Hair.” But with great hair comes great responsibility: Taking good care of it to keep it healthy, and of course styling it.

I put a lot of effort behind my hair and therefore I genuinely feel proud when getting compliments on it. One of the most asked questions that I get on social media is “what products do you use for your hair?” That’s a good question but in order to get my hair looking great and picture ready, not only does it depend on styling products, but it also depends on technique, your hairstylist and how often you cut it— all necessary components, but none of them would make a difference if I don’t have a base of healthy hair.

Let’s begin with the root of the equation—your shampoo and conditioner. Both are essentials but choosing the right ones will go a long way. Before I reveal the products I use to style, I want to share the products I’ve been using to cleanse: the new Pantene Nutrient Blends Collection.

For all of you that have been following my journey— you have seen me experimenting with color for the past year. I’ve been going lighter and lighter with highlights because I have always wanted to have lighter hair—whatever you consider light— brown, blonde. Naturally, I am dark brown, but I put highlights in my hair to add depth and it really shows in pictures. I typically color my hair once a month and when I do that—it comes with extra care. I need to boost its moisture, hydrate it, pamper it, treat it like a baby. If you color your hair and blow-dry it daily, you are going to need to step it up and get a product that hydrates your thirsty hair and tames its frizz at the same time. That’s why after trying recommendations from many, including my hairstylist, I have found that the Pantene Miracle Moisture Boost with Rose Water from the Nutrient Blends Collection is one of the best options for my hair.

At this point in today’s age, there are so many options that are great for you and the environment. The new Nutrient Blends Collection by Pantene has zero sulfates, parabens, dyes, and mineral oil which makes it even more attractive to me and the market of healthier products. You can relax a little more knowing these products are improving not only your hair but are environmentally conscious. I am someone that goes to the gym 5 times a week and cardio is my thing, it helps relax me and I sweat profusely which means I like to shampoo my hair daily. And for that matter, you need a gentle-yet-efficient shampoo that cleans and restores your hair. A relaxing fragrance is always a plus and this collection, infused with rose water adds that floral scent . The mixture of rose water, vitamin b5 and antioxidants hydrate my hair and keep it smooth and soft.

Right after I shampoo, I apply the conditioner and sometimes as a mask during the day. it’s so important for my hair to stay hydrated because of the coloring and the blow drying which I do daily. My hair is naturally pretty wavy and out of control and therefore I spend a lot of time blow drying it to get that volume in my hair. My hair goes through so much, that conditioning is crucial. In order to get the best results, I would condition my hair every single day for at least three minutes— especially on the weekends or at night. The weekends I usually have more time and a more extensive routine for my “me time”— my mini spa moment in the bathroom, if you will. As easy as just getting my hair wet, applying a generous amount of conditioner and just let it work for 15 minutes while I read a magazine or, if I’m feeling in the mood, I would drop a bath bomb in the tub and relax. I play my favorite self-care playlist and let the conditioner do its job and boost the moisture in my hair. It might seem small, but it goes a long way having this mini spa moment at home. Not only does it help your hair but your mental health too.

Rose water has many benefits—it helps your skin in extreme climate conditions, it relieves skin irritation and redness —which is why I love spraying rose water mist on my face since I suffer from occasional redness. You’ll have to try it yourself to see the benefits first hand.

I strongly recommend you guys to get serious with the foundation of your hair and learn more about the New Nutrient Blends Collection by Pantene. I chose the Miracle Moisture Boost with Rose Water because it is exactly what my hair needs. This collection specifically helps to soothe and hydrate dry and brittle hair.

I hope this has helped you discover the new Pantene Nutrient Blends Collection and I invite you to shop and try these new products here!


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