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If you come to Barbados, you will feel the omnipresence of Rihanna everywhere, she might not be there physically, but her spirit is all around or at least her song is playing every other song at every beach bar. It’s pure Rihanna bliss.

Barbados is a real tropical island and bigger than I was expecting. I’m used to visiting Aruba and St. Barths, very petit island comparing to Barbados– charming but small. Barbados feels like a big rock, a country– I was lucky to have stayed 8 days on the island so I was really able to get to know the Island. I had the chance to drive around and discover beautiful corners like Bottom Bay, which I visited twice, one on my own and the second time I had to bring Moti so we could take pictures together.


For the second part of my trip I was (super lucky) and excited to stay at Sandalswhat made Barbados feel like a home away from home was the people I met there, especially the staff at Sandals Royale Resort.

Staying at an all-inclusive resort was the best decision we could have ever made. It was my first time on an all-inclusive resort since my 14th birthday back in Aruba. And, as an adult, I can tell you it takes a load off and you can absolutely really relax. 



To start, the hotel has amazing pools, it has jacuzzis, a glorious beach, 8 restaurants, 4 bars, an ice cream parlor, a donut shop, spa, bowling alley, cookie jars everywhere. It is truly a paradise… everything you can expect from a luxury, state of the art, top of the line hotel in the Caribbean.

Here are my 14 Favorite Moments from Sandals Barbados.

  • The bathtub in your balcony, no need to elaborate on this one. It was
    my favorite.
  • Private pool in your room if you are staying on the ground floor, I
    didn’t have the chance to stay in one but I was drooling over those
    rooms the whole trip, so make sure you can score one of those.
  • A private bar in your room with endless alcoholic beverages included.
    No need to keep an eye on how much you take from the mini fridge… it’s
    all included, free and the bottles are not mini at all. 
  • Your own butler to make your life easier. He or she will schedule your
    day, reserve chairs by the pool, make dinner reservations or solve any
    kind of request you might have. We loved ours, Abigail. 
  • The fishtank pool for a photo moment. Duh.
  • The piano bar, make sure you get there at 9pm for a very fun singalong
    session, sip cocktails and meet people from around the world. You gotta
    love people at the bar— they’re always in a good mood, especially on
    vacations. it’s just such a happy place to be.




  • NO KIDS, yes, this resort is adults only.
  • The donut shop with endless options for your cravings.
  • They have a fully equipped gym that I didn’t visit once.
  • Super close to the airport, but not close enough to hear the airplanes
    (always a good thing!).
  • They take you for a tour around the property when you check in so you
    actually get to see all and don’t miss any of the experience. The area
    is so big you can easily get lost on the first day.
  • Pizza is available!
  • A cozy spa, with outdoor beds for a truly relaxing paradise massage with your partner or lover or mom or friend.
  • They have professional photographers at your disposition to capture every moment. No need to bore your loved one for a pic for the gram they have the guys for you.




Book Sandals Resort now, click here.

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