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Five For Fall

Is it too early to be thinking of Fall? Perhaps it is. and since it is 90 degrees outside and the sun is shining, we might have a few more weeks to think about swapping our wardrobes. BUT, since Fall is my favorite season, I am already looking for the perfect pieces to add to my wardrobe— key items that I will wear for strolls in the central park and to shoot in Soho’s famous cobblestone streets.

So, to answer my first question, I have to say no, it is not too early. You definitely want to sport the newest collections first and get ahead of your game.

As a fashion enthusiast, layering is my absolute favorite thing to do and fall is the best season for it. Here are some of my favorite fall pieces from Canali. If you haven’t heard of them yet— they’ve been around in the game for about 80 years, with their renowned suits, not only in Italy but around the world.


A Fresh black turtleneck

A turtleneck is an essential piece in any Fall wardrobe, and it should be renewed every season. I always get a new black turtleneck each year since I abuse them each season, not intentionally, I just enjoy wearing them. You have the choice of dressing it up or down, for example, under a suit for a more modern elegant look substituting a shirt, or you can dress it down with a more casual approach pairing it with chino pants and boots or jeans and sneakers. You need to get a great merino wool one that will last through fall, winter and early spring.

How would I wear it?  With a grey wool suit or jeans or chinos


A new pair of fall sneakers

Burgundy is such a great color for Fall, and adding it to my wardrobe is an absolute must. The hue is a classic and timeless color for Autumn and is a great way to implement color into your ensembles. Getting a gorgeous pair of suede sneakers in burgundy is a must. Just look at them, they’re so beautiful, and the suede gives them that sporty luxury vibe that makes them the perfect addition to your collection.

How would I wear them? plaid shirt, camel coat, jeans or chinos. 


Wool stretchy pants

What I love about these pants is the subtle check print, making them a fun elegant piece that can be paired with many pieces. To me, this is a key feature when you invest on a new piece. You should always ask yourself how many times will you wear it, and these wool stretchy pants have a million possible combinations. Get them.

How would I wear them? I will pair them with a turtleneck and sneakers or a button-down and loafers. 


A new coat

The simple lines and silhouette of this car coat are smiling at me. There’s a chicness to the garment and a futuristic vibe if you will, and ironically, it’s quite a classic piece.  the coat is made of wool and is waterproof so it makes it a great addition to your closet during fall and its occasional showers, and if you live one New York, you know that’s quite often.  The color makes it even more versatile since it is a timeless piece, expect to wear this bad boy over and over again. An investment worth making.

How would I wear it? Virtually with any casual or sophisticated look. 


THE blazer

What’s more luxury and chic than a wool-silk-cashmere blazer? I can feel the soft buttery warm feel of the jacket without even touching it. The blazer is single breasted and is unlined so therefore it gives the jacket a more relaxed and refined look, additionally, the flamed effect makes it more dynamic yet sophisticated.

How would I wear it? Dark blue jeans and a turtleneck ( yes, I am all about turtlenecks during fall) black wool trousers and a matching button-down with a  turtleneck under it 🙂


All these pieces can be shopped on

This post was created in partnership with Canali*

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