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Carnaval is right around the corner and you can feel it in the air, that positive and fun energy which is pretty contagious. I always watched the parades on the sidelines, and each year I kept telling myself that the following year I am going to participate. So far, after 10 years, I only did a Fakkel, halfway.. Yeah… I know, shame on me, but what seems to be just a big party is actually a lot of work and preparation for people that love Carnaval and participate, those that are carrying this tradition that has years and years bringing joy and pride to the island of Aruba.

I went to the Penha store located at Plaza Daniel Leo and sat down with one of their makeup artist, George Bislip, to discuss and play around with products from Urban Decay. We had an orange and yellow headpiece from a previous season to get inspired. The process took about an hour and, the outcome was well worth it. I wanted something festive and vivid yet masculine.

When I sat down with George to discuss the ideas I wanted i found myself having trouble explaining what exactly that was, however since this wasn’t George’s first rodeo he knew exactly what i wanted. He made an African inspired mask with Urban Decay make up. The product felt light on my face and for the most part felt comfortable. George also applied glitter on my beard, which I thought initially was ridiculously funny, but it turned out pretty cool. I understand the process a lot more after sitting for an hour and preparing for a big moment like this. See below the whole process.


I haven’t decided yet if I will participate this year. I am telling myself that I should be a part of the 65th anniversary, but let’s see about that. It is without any doubt I had fun with George at Penha playing with makeup. Be sure to visit the store to check out all the options they have to offer and also their face cleansers. I tried the Khiel’s face cleanser and it was just unbelievable of how quick the sheet of makeup disappeared. i was sad to see my new face vanish in seconds after an hour of hard work,but I was so amazed by the efficiency of the product.

If you’re looking to set up an appointment for Carnaval be sure to call the store to book your time as spots are filling up. Also, be sure to stop by the store on the January 24th where Penha will be demonstrating some makeup tutorials on three models.


All pictures were taken by Jetlag Studios.



  1. That looks like so much fun! I was shocked to read that it only took an hour though, I would’ve expected much longer! You need to participate for all of us that can’t 🤣🤣

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