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My age became sort of a sensitive topic for me once I had a conversation with my friend Gray over a few drinks by the Renaissance pool in Aruba back in 2013. I remember we were discussing my last birthday picture, which I was holding two balloons shaped in the digits of my then current age. He advised that if  I wanted to work in show business or in any related fields, like blogging and modeling, I should always keep my age sort of a mystery. That’s when I started to worry about aging and trying to think of ways and routines I can do that will keep myself looking young.

I’ve always been a beach bum and while doing just that I never applied facial creams, sunscreen or anything of that nature. I always said that my skin was already cured after many years under the Caribbean sun. However, after having that conversation with Gray things changed, and fast. I started taking care of my skin, applying more sunscreen and finally used my first facial moisturizer. I starting applying moisturizer and face creams sporadically at first, but certainly at least once or twice a week. It became one of those good habits that I constantly did without thinking.

I am certainly a young man and more importantly, I feel like one.  Now that I´m reaching to a point where people can recognize that I am a grown man, especially now that the babyface is gone and my beard is grown, it is time I take it more seriously and use products that are anti-aging. I always find myself playing with my age. I typically get the question of ¨How old are you? and I, knowing it is rude to answer with another question, typically ask back: ¨How old do you think I am?¨ I ask with curiosity and a bit of fear that my age is noticeable. I know it sounds a little too shallow, but that’s the type of world we live in these days. I am pleased they always guess an inferior number, usually seven years younger than my actual age, sometimes just five or four years and that’s fine, I am happy with that too.

Using face creams, taking care of your skin has an important role in keeping yourself looking younger, well-rested. WELL-RESTED, that to me is the key, because, yes, you are aging, that is inevitable but aging gracefully is important, looking fresh is so important and achievable.


My daily routines of skin care include many Kiehl´s products, which I always pick up at Penha. The Age Defender line by Kielh’s is what I am using, Moti Ankari introduced me to the Age Defender Moisturizer for men and since that day I am sold and I truly feel it works and feels there’s a significant difference in my face, I keep hearing I look younger than I actually am. I also added eventually the Eye Repair to the routine to keep the dark circles, the raccoon eyes, in check. Those dark circles make you look tired even if you are not and is usually not a good look.


Another product that works wonders is the Exfoliating cleaner.  It’s great to remove the dead skin, blackheads and holding back any possible acne too. Top that with the Power Serum two times a week, but make sure you use it. It’s not rocket science and it doesn’t take hours, especially for us guys, however, it is something we need to be on top of. These products are very easy to use, affordable and they last a couple of months. Once you do the investment and see the results, you will add them to your list of expenses without complaining.


Get the Kiehl’s Age Defender line at Penha and look 5 years younger or at least well-rested.






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