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Bye Bye Raccoon Eyes

You wake up, wash your face and stare at that mirror at those deep dark circles around your eyes. They bring you down and ruin your day before it even started. You feel like you’ve tried it all and are ready to give up.

Well, don’t! There’s a solution for it!

Some of us suffer from this condition due to genetics, while others get these dark circles after a long day of work, having a bad night of sleep, or just simply because you’re partying too hard at Gusto (AKA ME!)


These dark circles or how I prefer to call it the raccoon eyes is a common condition that doesn’t discriminate gender, age or social status. Meaning, anyone can get them.

The solution to avoid these dark circles is the Kiehl’s Age Defender Eye Repair. This cream will work wonders. It is a lifting, anti-wrinkle, dark circle reducing eye cream for men.

How does it work? You apply it every day, and that is the only way it will work! This is not considered makeup to cover your dark circles. This product was made to help get rid of them. Apply a small amount of the eye treatment with your fingertip along the orbital bone and under eye area then pat gently without pulling the skin. Voila! Very simple.

So… Kiehl’s for sure has some of the best products. I picked up mine at Penha, but you should know that already, because seriously speaking where else can you find the best products on the island?

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