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September’s Scents

This month’s selection of fragrances are special to me since I used them during a special time for me, my birthday month. I am bringing you two options: a new discovery and an updated version of a classic I’ve been using for a while.


The Dunhill Icon Absolute is first—which is an absolute, pun-intended, favorite the second I smelled it. The scent is woody and super masculine, which is exactly how I like all of my perfumes.

Also, the fact that Dunhill is not that well-known among the youngsters so it does have this very cool and exclusive vibe to it— which is another reason why I really like it. It can be difficult to describe a perfume or a specific scent, but the Icon is pretty easy to nail down. It has notes of leather and tobacco, jasmine and rose and smells like heaven. It mixes well with your own natural scent too. I definitely encourage you to try it the next time you visit the Penha store.



Second scent, the Mercedes Benz Man, which was introduced to me last year and became a classic. it’s a fresh take on their collection of fragrances— I would consider it an everyday perfume, to start the day, to go out at night, etc. Mercedez Benz is a well-known automobile company in the world and you get the same great efficient and luxury vibe when trying any of their perfumes. Mercedes-Benz Man by Mercedes-Benz top notes are pear and ambrette, so expect something on the more lighter and more fresh side, geranium is also a middle note to keep it smelling invigorating and pure, there’s also rosewood in it to give it the last touch, which is the masculinity to it. It is also available at Penha!

Stay tuned for my next batch of fragrances coming up next month!

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  1. what is the name of the design of the jacket in the last pic? (the black)
    i’ve been looking for one like this for 2 years and i don’t find any…

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