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So… I turned 21 last weekend, and I can’t  be more happy about it. I like birthdays, like New Years, I feel like they give you a new opportunity to start fresh with new goals and taking new changes. You feel more hopeful, I remember my dad always being more optimistic and energetic right after his birthday.  The best part of birthdays, minus feeling special and doing what I please, cake and treats…..THE GIFTS.

This past weekend I wandered the streets of  New York and went to a few cool places downtown to celebrate. Here is my (Dolce) Birthday Suit and all the Dolce & Gabbana pieces I wore this weekend.

Let me know your favorite pieces in a comment below. Also, you are still on time to wish me a  happy belated birthday :)!



  1. Rodrigo S. says

    This jacket is one of the prettiest thing I’ve seen in a while! Looking great as always. Happy bday month!

  2. Hank Harrison says

    I assume 21 is a typo, 31 must be correct as you look more like it…?

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