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My face tends to look shiny, and the heat in Aruba doesn’t really help. I recently tried the Oil Control mattifying moisturizer by Clinique For Men which I really love for two beneficial reasons, moisturize my skin and keeping my face from looking oily and give it a more matte finish.

You can wash your face multiple times and no matter how clean it is it will get shiny throughout the day, it’s only natural. However, you can control that with the new cream from Clinique.

Some guys use some grooming products and make up applications, I typically use some products for photo-shoots and such, however, as far as a daily routine goes– I usually apply this Clinique moisturizer after the shower in the morning. I picked up this product at Penha a while back and have been using it religiously since.

So, kids, if you’re looking for a cream that will help with the shine and keep you looking proper at all times, look no further.

All those photos and selfies that you will take won’t need that much face tune –they’re going to look great on their own. Use the Clinique For Men Oil Control Mattifying Moisturizer cream and look natural. We all know people that use those filters, and make fun of them for it. Don’t be one of them.

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