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So… I went with Carnival Cruises around the Caribbean one more time. We visited Nassau, St. Thomas, Puerto Rico and Amber Cove and as my previous cruise, I had an amazing time… and I ate a lot… A LOT. I am going to let the images tell you the whole story.  Scroll down and travel with me…

Carnival1carnaval day o2carnaval dayDSC_0182DSC_0046DSC_0096DSC_0124DSC_0164DSC_0202DSC_0329DSC_0388DSC_0471DSC_0607DSC_0651DSC_0812DSC_0508DSC_0723DSC_0753DSC_0796DSC_0745DSC_012102DSC_0150IMG_3985 2 copyDSC_0083DSC_0026DSC_0046 2DSC_0861DSC_0872DSC_0905DSC_0932DSC_0950IMG_3370IMG_3842



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