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Arm Candy | Autobahnlife

Why you should accessorize? I have said before that accessorizing is key, but why is it so important?

Let’s start with basics. A nice accessory for example, like a bracelet, can change your look. It can make your entire outfit more interesting. By simply adding a bracelet to your basic jeans and t-shirt look it can make it interesting, more refined or sportier. Depending on the piece of jewelry you choose to wear. You’re actually saving money by getting different accessories and combining them with your basic pieces, it will, without a doubt, revamp your wardrobe.

Including the right accessories will make you stand out, trousers and shirt is a very common look. When you add a unique bracelet to that outfit you will set yourself apart from the crowd. I am sure you can all relate to this scenario.

When you don’t know what to wear and you are standing in front of a pile of clothes in your bed. Well, here’s a tip, maybe you just need to accessorize your look. You will be surprised how simple it is to just add a few pieces and get that outfit ready to hit the streets or that party you are attending.

Treat yourself. Get some new accessories; my friends at Autobahnlife have a Black Friday sale! You should definitely check it out. Click HERE to visit their website. I am going to leave you with a few pictures wearing my favorite pieces from Autobahn, check them out and if you like one just click on the image.


lion-matte-onyx-in-white-gold-1_1024x1024.jpgdsc_0187Lion matte Onyx in white gold

The Lion with its flowing mane is one of the most recognized symbols of our culture. This debonair bracelet is designed to make a balanced, elegant, and powerful fashion statement.

Get the lion bracelet clicking HERE!




Blue Anodized Titanium

The ultra-light titanium design ensures extreme durability while feeling almost weightless on the wrist.  The subtle sheen of the metal’s blue special anodized finish hints at super exotic automobiles and accessories.  This bracelet looks great alone or is the perfect pair for a sophisticated python skull bracelet, macrame or exquisite timepiece.

Get this bracelet clicking HERE!


Agate Gemstone Shamballa

Alternating solid and patterned beads create an eye-catching motif in this luxurious design. The ultra-light construction combines a flexible woven cord, agate beads and AAA black cubic diamonds inlayed in 18kt white gold plating. This bracelet blends seamlessly with other metallic and black pieces alike. The adjustable design infuses it with a casual appeal while the sophisticated materials ensure an elevated essence.

Get the Shamballa bracelet clicking HERE!


Roundel Stopper Bracelet

Gold-plated beads shine in this bold bracelet. A contrasting black top grade cord forms an adjustable closure, elevating this casual style to one-of-a-kind. Punctuated with brilliant aaa grade cubic diamonds, this upscale design pairs well with other bracelets or a timepiece.

Get this bracelet, one of my favorites, clicking HERE!



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