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L’Envol by Cartier

Launched in summer 2016, Cartier added a new fragrance for men, L’Envol. Inspired by ambrosia, known as the nectar of the gods.

L’Envol is both strong and mellow with sweet resins set against airy musk, is all about violet leaves. Mathilde Laurent developed this fragrance, she surrounded violet leaves by semi-sweet woods to make them smell milder, warmer, noble, slightly sweet.


L’Envol is sophisticated and very Cartier, this is, with all sincerity, and by a large margin the best designer release of 2016. It is unquestionably masculine and blended to perfection.

The extraordinary bottle is a capsule contained within a detachable glass dome, which can be carried independently and is refillable. The bottle is a classic and stylish Cartier, with its famous guilloché motif on the bottle stopper while the dome shows once again Cartier’s expertise in glasswork.


It is available at Penha Mainstreet and Palm Beach Plaza. Feel free to pass by and try it.

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