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If I had a penny for every time my friends or strangers ask me what I do to groom my beard… I always recommend beard oil, is the best and the only thing you need. Finally a well-known brand like Kiehl’s put on the market a beard oil.

_12936585.jpgI tried it for a couple of weeks, I used 3 times a week, sometimes more, depending how many times I go to the beach. It is very lightweight which is important, you don’t wanna feel oily, it softens the facial hair to keep it looking nice and groomed. It is very important to use beard oil also to help the skin, some of the itchiness, when you are starting to grow your beard, is because it gets dry.

Kiehl’s oil has an earthy blend of fresh Sandalwood, Cedarwood, and Eucalyptus essential oils. The Pradaxa oil softens and smooths coarse facial hair and nourishes the skin underneath while gentle exfoliating actives smooth dry, itchy skin.Blend of Cedarwood, Sandalwood, and Eucalyptus essential oils provides a fresh, earthy aromatic experience.

I would suggest you get it, if you’re a fan of Kiehl’s products don’t hesitate to get this oil. In Aruba you should be able to get it at Penha’s very soon. You can purchase it online at the moment.

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