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So… I like distinctive perfumes, I like to wear fragrances that are not very common, you know? smells can stick to your brain forever so I have this idea that if I am wearing a great and unusual perfume, well… That scent will stick in the brain of the person right next to me forever, you know what I mean? So in my quest for the perfect Island perfume I stumbled upon Creed a few years ago, I met Virgin Island Water which is one of my signature scents. Since that day Creed has become one of my favorites brands not only for the exclusivity but the quality and trajectory , they have over 250 years designing perfumes for royalty in Europe.

Penha in Aruba is carrying Creed and I didn’t know, what a surprise! This House of perfumes started in 1760 creating fragrances for Kings and Queens, the very first one was inspired by King George III , and named Royal English Leather, then Fleurs of Bulgarie was offered to Queen Victoria. Napoleon and his wife, Eugene were also supporters of Creed perfumes. The list goes on and on till 2016 and you can find these timeless fragrances in Aruba exclusively at Penha, so… Like I mentioned before, don’t you feel like making a lasting impression with an elegant perfume.

There are fragrances for women and men but in this post, I am bringing you two of my favorites perfumes for men.

creed aventus


Aventus is bold, spirited and confident. It was launched to celebrate Creed’s 250th anniversary. It is a very masculine fragrance with top notes of apple, blackcurrant, pineapple and bergamot. It is powerful and fresh, it makes an impression, it is a gentleman’s perfume, fit for everyday use. The heart notes of this perfume are Jupiter berries, birch, patchouli, and jasmine. Base notes are vanilla, musk oakmoss, and ambergris.


This perfume celebrates strength, vision, and success, inspired by the dramatic life of war, peace and romance lived by Emperor Napoleon. The bottle is emblazoned with a silver emblem of a horse and rider.

This emblematic perfume is available at Penha, they don’t bring too many a year so I recommend you go try it on, smell it and purchase it if you like it, not only for you but for a love one, your dad, husband, boyfriend. It is indeed a very exclusive perfume and whoever wears it will get the right attention.

DSC_0135 final


Inspired by the exhilarating crispness of mountain air and the purity of cascading alpine streams. This is for sure a fresher scent, feels like morning, full of energy and power. This is for sure a younger scent that can be worn during the day for work , college or at night on a date or night out. This is one of those perfumes that will get a comment from your friends when you greet them and I love that.

The top notes are bergamot, mandarin, and neroli. This fragrance is an aromatic fragrance for men. It was inspired by Olivier Creed’s love for skiing. Silver Mountain Water was designed to evoke the sparkling high-mountain streams of water in the Swiss Alps.


The heart notes are green tea, sea scent,and blackcurrant bud. Base notes are sandalwood and musk, with this combination… can you imagine the smell? Visit Penha to discover the purity and freshness of Silver Mountain Water, the white bottle capped with a silver cap resembles a snow-topped mountain with a glistening silver stream.

I am very happy to be able to blog about my favorite perfumes by the hand of Penha, I encourage you to visit any of the stores in Aruba and ask for Creed.



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