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It’s no secret Fabiola and I’ve been good friends for a long time, you’ve seen us together many times, around the island and on Instagram. it’s funny to see how we are wearing matching outfits, but that’s only normal when you hang out so much with the same person and it’s called twinning, a twist on the word Charlie Sheen made viral – winning –. Twinning is when two people wear matching or very similar outfits and are delighted by this coordinated turn of events.

Now, what makes Fabiola’s look stand out is the beautifulVictoria’s Secret Daydream handbag that compliments her look. This particular color, Pink Rose, is really IN right now, the nude palette has been trending for a while and still is. The bag is made of genuine leather and it comes in two different colors, both available at the Victoria’s Secret boutiques in Aruba and around the world. The detail on metal with the Victoria’s Secret initials is such a nice touch, a little bling placed tastefully. You can also get a wallet in the same matching color.

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If you are a fan of their lingerie or the splashes and all the cool things VS has to offer , adding this beautiful handbag to your wardrobe is a must, specially because these handbags are new from their 2016 fall collection. I know for a fact that not many women are aware of these leather goods, so… not only is a gorgeous accessory but a conversation piece and you’ll be a pioneer carrying one. There’s nothing cooler than starting a trend on the island.

The Daydream handbag can be found and purchased only at the Victoria’s Secret boutiques located at Mainstreet and Palm Beach Plaza.

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