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AUTOBAHNLIFE is a luxury men’s accessory brand creating the highest quality products with elegance and extreme precision. These pieces are innovative and cutting edge accessories that will make a bold statement whenever you wear them. The name AUTOBAHN, for those who don’t know, and I have to admit I didn’t until now, comes from these highways in Germany where there’s no speed limit, you can drive your car as fast as your engine allows you to. That’s the inspiration behind these awesome bracelets.

I am very happy to introduce AUTOBAHNLIFE to you, choosing my favorite pieces was really hard. I am sure you are going to have a hard time choosing between these beautiful german designs. There are different models, they have genuine Phyton skin bracelets, that I’m sure you’ve seen me wearing already on my snapchat. They have beaded one, wraps and sets. There’s a lot of variety made with high-quality materials.

Now, here’s a cool thing you should know, with the purchase of any bracelet you can get a victory bracelet for free, so you can complement your looks. I think any of these bracelets can look great on their own but when you were them together is definitely much cooler.

Take a look at my favorite bracelets and how I combined them .IES_1298.jpg


This is one of my favorite pieces, I would recommend you get this one. It looks great on its own but I would suggest you also get another piece or a set to complement it, keeping the rose gold as the tying element.

Click HERE to get this bracelet.



If you are a spiritual person or not, this piece is really meaningful, called after a mythical kingdom hidden somewhere in Hollow Earth. I personally like this piece a lot, and it can stand on its own with no other accessory but also would look great with a black and silver set or perhaps a silver or black watch. It’s very versatile, you can wear it with a casual look, even take it to the beach or it would give you a more interesting look if you are wearing it with a suit. I see myself wearing this also on a formal attire, it would look awesome.

Click HERE to get this bracelet


set one.jpg


As I was mentioning before, this a great set that you can wear and also buy to combine another key piece, like the ones I showed you previously, also looks great with a watch. I can wear this anywhere; a night out, a day at the beach… I think this is one of the most versatile pieces Autobahnlife has for you.

Click HERE to get this set of bracelets 


set two.jpg


This is a set in gold rose that I choose to pair with my rose gold Phyton skin, a perfect companion for a stand alone piece or along as a little accessory to give the final touch to a casual look.

Click HERE to get this set 




The wrap… This wrap I saw it and I immediately thought it was perfect for a night out. Black shirt or Tee, black skinny jeans and this beauty. The little skulls give it an edge. You can just wrap it tight or a little loose, both ways it looks great. Definitely, a must have.

Click HERE to get this wrap bracelet.



This is another piece that caught my eye, tiger eye, in rose gold, I know… Rose gold is like tortoise for me, I am always attracted to it. They have a different version in silver also. I thought this one will look great with the Python skin, I have a safari in my hand. As you can see on this picture, I am wearing a lot of bracelets and it gives you a distinctive look, exotic maybe? It’s a great piece you should consider to buy a set.

Click HERE to get this item.


Be pending for a special surprise in a few days.

All these bracelets are available online, visit AUTOBAHNLIFE to see and purchase different models. CLICK HERE.





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