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Bjorn Borg swimwear, “designed to make you feel active and attractive”, this is how the iconic brand describes their swimwear and they’re right. The multicolor piece I’m wearing is called Dryland, these vibrant shorts really pops and that’s how I like my swimwear, to really attract attention. They’re 5 inches, so just above the new to get the legs really tanned. The print is really interesting, it is a colored desert that at first, to me, it looked like butterfly wings: I wore it this past weekend to the beach, they’re quick dryers which is one of the most important features on a great pair of swim shorts. They have a classic cut with an elastic waistband and cord to keep them in place. The design is on point, they do not look puffy at al which is another important feature. Whos likes those unflattering puffy shorts? The quality is great like every Bjorn Borg piece and the price is fantastic. They also feature pockets on each side and a dark mesh lining which is very appropriate since they’re short shorts. To get this pair or browse other models CLICK HERE.

IES_2225IES_2134 copyIES_2136

Now, I also have this other pair, which is a little longer, more classic, just above the knee. Same quick dry fabric in a floral print. Floral prints are timeless when it comes to swimwear, this color pallet makes it very masculine in my opinion. For sure a great addition to your wardrobe.


Bjorn Borg not only make shorts but also trunks, so if you like this edgy patterns and classic cuts visit their website now clickin HERE. On my next post, I will be wearing their more athletic trunks so be pending.

All pictures by Isaiah Stomp. The location? The beautiful Renaissance Island… Nowhere else you can sunbath with flamingos.


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  1. MarkMaron says

    Very Nice and Hot
    I Love This Kind of Fashion ……… and Men
    Luv Ya

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