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White Setter Orlebar Brown Short, Sunglasses Orlebar Brown x Linda Farrow, long sleeve shirt with fading stripes and Orange vest by Orlebar Brown.


I wore this outfit in New York past spring and I didn’t had the chance to photograph it properly, the America’s Cup kept me so busy. I originally didn’t pair like this, I wanted to wear it with khakis but last minute I decided to wear my old with OB Setter, which is, believe it or not, one of my favorite swim shorts ever, it’s been over 4 years I have it, it is no longer white, the mesh good ruined in the dryer but it is just one of those pieces you love so much and you refuse to give up. I need to get for sure a new pair but, you know, if you are anything like me, you’d rather invest in new pieces than repeat old ones, correct?

Anyways, the t-shirt has this fading blue stripes pattern going on and I just thought it was so cool to pair with the orange vest. I mean, the vest gets all the attention but the fading stripes give something to it, the shirt is for sure a classic nautical piece but the fading colors for sure add a new dimension to it.

Now, the sunglasses are just the coolest, they’re part of the new collection Linda Farrow has for this summer with the help of Orlebar Brown. There’s a link above you have to click to see all of them. Luckily I am getting a new pair soon. This so far, are my favorite sunglasses this summer, I’ve been somehow leaving this mirror lenses behind and getting something a little more subtle and classic.

Pictures by Isaiah Stomp 

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