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So… you know how much I like flamingos, right? and How much I like Orlebar Brown… My favorite short is a collaboration they did with my friend Gray Malin a few years ago, I treasure that short and wear it as much as I can.

Now with Orlebar Brown‘s new service you can design your own swim shorts, with the image you want, the size and length you prefer. You can use a beach photo, it could also be a sketch, a pattern, a family memory photo or a beautiful landscape. You have endless options.

One day visiting Renaissance Island, I came really early, the flamingos were sleeping on the floor, it was the first time I see them sleeping, I quietly got close to them and snap a few pictures of them sleeping, one of them, a female suddenly open the eye and I got this amazing picture I shared in the past on my Instagram.

 photo 3c6642f6-772f-47ac-932f-525c830854ed.png

Now this beautiful unique picture became a short, a unique short. I am very proud of it, you can do yours too with an image that has a meaning for you or you simply like.
 photo Screen Shot 2016-05-30 at 2.35.32 PM.png

You will see me wearing my #SnapShorts this summer everywhere I go, I already took them to The Bahamas and Miami Beach.
You can create your own Orlebar Brown #SnapShorts clicking here.

 photo DSC_0180 copyKO.jpg


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