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 photo DSC_083021.png

Born for adventure, exploring the world, that is the slogan of Kapten & Son.

Kapten & Son is more than just a brand. Kapten & Son gives you the feeling of being at home all over the world. From urban jungles to the Caribbean sea… Home is where your Kapten is.

 photo campus_roadtrip_neu.fw_5.png

The nylon straps are charming, not my first choice until  this color combination plus the rose gold really caught my attention, the “Roadtrip” watch has this summer look, very easy, breezy, calm… You can pair it with all your summer outfits, you can even go swim with it or take a bath, that is the beauty of a nylon strap, they’re practically indestructible and they’re also interchangeable, you can buy a new one and change your style depending on the season or your mood.

Kapten & Son also have models with leather straps, canvas, gold, silver… there are so many! Just click here to see all the Kapten and Son models, I am sure you will have  hard time just picking one.  photo DSC_0850.png
 photo DSC_0868.png
 photo DSC_0389.png photo DSC_0404.png
 photo DSC_0772-2.png
 photo DSC_0746.png

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