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Paul Evans NY High-top Sneakers, Mango Jeans, Brathwait watch and my Voss water.


They say love at first sight is an overrated term, but when I first saw these sneakers… bang! I was browsing the Paul Evans website and I got fixated with these sneakers. The Legend high-top sneaker, that’s their full name,  they’re made from the finest Italian calfskin leather with extra padding for exceptional comfort.

When they sent me the pair, I asked for a 12, I was afraid they woulnd’t fit, I always have this problem, I ask for a 12 and then it is too small, then I’m stuck with a pair of tight shoes that I can only wear once, cry and then never again. Not the case with Paul Evans, they run true to size.

I ordered them Friday, Tuesday they were here in Aruba. They ship worldwide and if by any chance, that I doubt, they don’t fit they have an awesome return policy. You can get them in Blue and black. I am a Marrone guy, I love brown.

Make sure you check them out, you can click here to visit their page, they have Oxford, boots, loafers… I already fell in love with a pair of Oxfords, I’m thinking they would look awesome with an outfit I’m pairing to take to America’s cup next May in NYC.


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