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BIG SMILE | Elite Sonic Toothbrush

So, Actually… This is my first electric toothbrush. I’ve always been curious about them but I never had the chance to buy one or use one, so I got myself one, not a simple one but the best one in the market, the Elite Sonic Toothbrush! Big name for a great equipment.

At 40,000 brush strokes per minute, the Elite Sonic Toothbrush blasts away plaque while gently polishing your teeth for a whiter, brighter smile. The lab tested UV Sanitizing Charging Base kills germs and bacteria while keeping your brush charged for the next use. The 30 Second Area Change Alert and Two Minute Smart Auto Timer make it easy to meet the dentist recommended brushing time. Made of the highest quality DuPont bristles, the Elite Sonic brush head is uniquely designed to get your teeth sparkling clean. Your Bright Smile Starts Here.

  • UV Sanitizer – Kills 99% of germs and bacteria that accumulate on your brush head
  • 40,000 Strokes per Minute – Maximum sonic cleaning power
  • Two Minute Smart Auto Timer – Easily meet recommended brush time
  • 3 Brushing Modes – Clean, Dazzle and Pulse
  • Long Lasting Battery – a full charge lasts for up to 2 weeks
  • Includes 2 Brush Heads and 1 Interdental Brush Head

 photo DP23096-1000-EliteSonicUV-Platinum-2000x2000-150DPI-03.jpgSo… I know next time I go to teh dentist for a cleaning he will say soemthing, I am sure…This thing works magic, your mouth feels super clean, I had an even bigger smile after I used it the first time.

So… How much is this thing? $250. I know, it’s pricey but worth it… Now, if you use the code “cjbSmile” you can get it with a 75% disccoun… pretty sweet, uh? Thank me later.

Read more about it here and if you wanna buy it directly you can just click HERE to checkout and get it home!

 photo DSCN0044.jpg

 photo DP23096-1000-EliteSonicUV-Platinum-2000x2000-150DPI-01.jpeg

 photo DP23096-1000-EliteSonicUV-Platinum-2000x2000-150DPI-04.jpeg



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