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Shirt, chinos, and belt by Ralph Lauren, watch by Daniel Wellington, sunglasses by Prada.


Yes, I got a little inspired by Scream Queens on this one… You have to like attention to wear a vibrant color like yellow. This shirt was hanging in the store and I was immediately drawn to it . Yellow is such a fun, sunny and positive color, it is my favorite color in general, i feel this color needs to be everywhere. This casual shirt from the new Ralph Lauren spring collection is definitely one of my favorite pieces, I pair it with navy chinos and a tan leather belt that looks fantastic with this two pieces, I am very happy with this outfit. Where would I take this look? Brunch, country club, breakfast or lunch with the family… it’s a classic, preppy look… Ivy League-ish if you will.

The basic formula always work: colorful bright top and a solid neutral on the bottom or you can do the opposite. I have this flower pants I got last spring, they’re sitting on my closet for almost a year, I have to pair a nice white shirt with them. I will do that for my next blog post I think.

All these pieces are available here in Aruba visiting the Ralph Lauren Boutique or anywhere around the world, also you can get them online.

ll pictures taken by Isaiah Stomp


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