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 photo IES_7561.jpg

Leather Jacket, Polo Shirt, Jeans, shoes, belt by Ralph Lauren, watch by Daniel Wellington, sunglasses by Komono.


For this outfit I picked the brightest polo I found inside the store and then designed the whole outfit around it; I love the orange, I knew I was going to one of the Golf Courses so I kept thinking about the contrast with the green grass will look amazing and it did. I paired this with gray jeans, to “tone” down the orange a bit, the leather jacket was the last addition but it gives a little edge to the outfit, from preppy brunch to a rebel preppy going to brunch, you know what I mean? Leather jackets always give you attitude and they’re classic pieces. By chance the shoes matched the jacket and it looks great, I usually don’t match pieces but this felt right.

All these pieces are available at the store located at Renaissance Mall or online.

Isaiah Stomp did a wonderful job taking all this pictures, thank you.

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