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Sweater, shorts, belt, speedos and sunglasses by Dolce&Gabbana, Espadrilles by Bachelor Shoes. Location: Renaissance Island, Photographer: Ayrton Tromp.


Like I captioned my first post of this look on my Instagram: My version of a Caribbean Sailor: Just add a tropical floral print somewhere… in this case I did the bermuda shorts. A stripped sweater or shirt is such a classic piece, it has this navy feel or this french air d’amour depending on the pieces you used to pair it. In this case I did a floral, black and white bermuda short, it still has this navy/ sailor look but a little more glamorous? modern? The shinny black belt really gives the look a more chic attitude. The rest of the pieces/accessories: Confortable white espadrilles with anchor print, a navy watch, gold sunglasses… speedos! I always wear speedos, you never know when you need to jump in a pool or hit the beach unexpectedly after a few too many cocktails?

Visit the Dolce&Gabbana Boutique in Aruba, or their online store to buy any of these pieces.



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