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Sweater and pants by Solid and Striped, Espadrilles by Bachelor Shoes, watch by Paul Hewitt, Sunglasses by Komono.


Soo… You can’t go wrong with a striped sweater and white pants, I look like sailor, preppy nautical, completely appropriate for a resort afternoon but more than that is just a classic look, it’s simple yet is a statement look, I feel like only people really interested in fashion will go for this simple look and you see it not only in men but women dressing with this combination . I accessorized it with my new Paul Hewitt watch and an anchor bracelet by Hewitt also. Espadrilles seemed appropriate since I was only going to be sitting, I would have done boat shoes too, but I have this pair of Bachelor Shoes with anchors in them, yeah… still not overkill, all very subtle, all accessories have this little something that could easily start a conversation. This look will stand the test of time.

Where to get these pieces? All online, that’s the only way to shop cool things these days. Visit my instagram, click on the pics and then press over the brand displayed over the piece of clothing you liek and you’ll be directed to their page.

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