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Michael Kors, together with the United Nations world food programme, is working to #watchhungerstop. To mark World Food Day on October 16th, we’re asking friends and fans of Michael Kors to create a digital t-shirt that says what they want to do today—from ending hunger to helping a friend to making someone laugh. For every t-shirt posted to the gallery on Michael Kor’s website, They’ll donate 50 meals to children in need!* by sharing your picture and tagging a friend, you can help deliver 1 million meals. Let the t-shirt tag begin!

Click on the image below to make your own digital t-shirt and help donate, then you can post it on Instagram with the hashtag #WatchHungerStop to help spread the word! It’s very easy, just click and follow simple steps! You don’t need a t-shirt, the website will create a digital one for you! If you do, tag me also to like it and leave a comment.

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*1 digital t-shirt = usd 12.50 = 50 meals. Michael kors will donate up to 1,000,000 meals. Please note that the world food programme does not endorse any products or services.

THANK YOU Ayrton Tromp for helping with the pictures for this blog post. You can like him on facebook and visit his website.


    • caribbeanking says

      Thank you! there’s a link on the michael kors page where you can make your own digital t and post, this will give 50 more meals to kids and adults around the world. you should do it.

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