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Meet the Gurus, they call themselves “the most unique and confortable footwear you have worn”. I have to agree, they’re unique, they’re a good alternative from regular flip flops, they look cool, different and interesting, I mean… you know me, I always love to try different things, taking chances… not that this is the most extravagant thing ever, but somehow it is since we are used to see the same kind of flip-flops all the time.

Gurus are made primarily from natural rubber that is sustainably sourced from trees. Everything in these sandals is completely eco-friendly, using environmentally conscious packaging. Their plush natural rubber sole is thicker than most flip-flops and molds to your feet over time for added comfort.

Gurus are the modern twist of a vintage design. The signature toe-post is based on the 5,000 year old Indian sandal that was actually worn by Mahatma Gandhi. You’ll always get noticed in Gurus and they’ll comfortably hold your foot in place without “scrunching” toes. They’ll always stay on, we promise!

Another cool thing about Gurus? They have a partnership with Trees for the Future, they plant a tree in the developing world for every pair purchased. Trees not only benefit the environment, but also individuals in places of need.

They’re for women and men, they carry all the sizes, I am a 13 and they fit perfectly (XL) if you want to buy a pair you can get a 10% discount using the promo code ‘caribbeanking‘… you are welcome 😀

Visit their website here to buy a pair of Gurus clicking here

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